Let’s get back blogging with this question:
Is ranting on social media the best way to express ourselves nowadays?
Whether is it physical, emotional, relational, mental or spiritual?
May are asking on what’s happening in this world (or let’s make it local – in our country)? Is this the change that we are looking for?
Most of the times, we even blamed other people on why things happened this or that way. We blamed them because they voted for this person or the likes, we blamed them because they didn’t follow the best ideas, we blamed them because they didn’t hid the pieces of advice given to them – no matter what, we always blamed other people on why things are happening around the corner.
Most of the times, when we get angry because of the wrongdoing, we blamed people because we have the tendency to HATE the PEOPLE not the SIN itself. In other words, we hate the sinner and not the sin and that makes us a sinner too.
Now, how to solve this issues? I don’t really know but let us go back when one Man sacrificed His life when He died for you and I.
Let’s go back on how JESUS change this world – he does not PROMOTE THE HATE, instead HE SHOWED COMPASSION!
I believe, if we really want change to happen in this world, then we should STOP SPREADING HATE and START SPREADING LOVE!
Some people might say “WALANG FOREVER” when it comes to love but if we’ll just go back and meditate on how GOD gave His One and Only Son to save you and I from the miry clay, we can just utter GOD’s great love for us, today, tomorrow and FOREVER!

BHKJOURNAL_2017_0003: KWENTO NG AKING KAIBIGAN… Nagmahal. Nasaktan. Nangarap Muli.

KWENTO NG AKING KAIBIGAN… Nagmahal. Nasaktan. Nangarap Muli

By: “BraveHeartKid” Libert Ong (@libert_ong)

February 8, 2017



Nang kayo’y nagkakilala,

Mundo niya’y nagbagong bigla;

Mula sa inyong hi at hello,

Nauwi sa pagiging isa ng inyong mundo.


Pagsasama ninyong dalawa ay kaysaya,

Mundo’y tumigil dahil sa inyong tuwa;

Halos lahat ng pangarap ay natupad,

Tila bas a lupa ay hindi na sasayad.


Ngunit isang araw nagbago na lang

Pagmamalan ninyo’y tila ba kinalawang;

Tiwala sa isa’t-isa’y biglang naglaho,

Unti-unti nawala ang kinang sa mga puso.


Natigil ang dating kaysayang pagsasama,

Mga pangarap tila ba bigla na lang nawala;

Ngunit ang aking kaibigan ay patuloy umaasa sa pagbabalik

Ng mga pusong sa isa’t-isa’y sabik na sabik.


Naitulak kang palayo ng aking kaibigan,

Ngunit unang nangulila ay siya naman;

Inakala niyong tunay na pag-iibigan,

Nauwi na ngayon sa pusong nagsasakitan.


Ang kwentong sana’y wala ng hanggan,

Ngayon ay nasa nakaraan na lamang;

May iba ka na raw yatang natagpuan

At sa kanya naman ay may nagpaparamdam.


Minsan kanyang inakala na mayroon ng pumalit,

Ngunit puso ay sadyang mayroon pa ring pait;

Hindi sapay upang punan ang inyong iniwan,

Nawa’y aking kaibigan maging masaya naman.


Salamat sa binigay mong pagmamahal sa kanya,

Hanggang ngayon siya’y nangungulila;

Ngunit huwag kang mag-alala masyado,

Dahil tunay na matatag ang kaibigan ko.


Ngayong Pebrero mukha lamang siyang malungkot

Pero tuhod niya’y di naman kailangang bumaluktot;

Sapagkat alam kong sa tamang panahon,

May bagong kwentong darating na hinding-hindi na maibabaon.


Salamat sa inyong istorya,

Nakagawa na naman ako ng isang tula;

Ano mang mangyari sa pag-iibigan dito sa mudo,

Sa Panginoon lang natin makikita ang katunayan nito.


Ang Panginoon ay gagawa ng inyong tunay na kwento,

Kwentong hindi malilimot kailanman ng buong mundo;

Kwentong magbibigay ng panibagong pangarap kasama Siya sa dulo ng walang hanggan,

Kwento ng pait tiyak na mapapalitan ng tunay na kailgayahan.


​Christian ba siya?
A common question nowadays… How can we answer that?
Let’s have some theories:
He/She is a Roman Catholic.

•Therefore, he/she is a Christian?

He/She is a Bible-believing person.

•Therefore, he/she is a Christian?

He/She is a Protestant/Baptist/Etc.

•Therefore, he/she is a Christian?

He/She is a believes in God.

•Therefore, he/she is a Christian

He/She has a personal relationship with Jesus.

•Therefore, he/she is a Christian?

Now, is there any theory here that you can consider a Law already? 🙂
You know the answer already 🙂

BHKJOURNAL_2017_00001: Thank You 2016; Welcome 2017!

In my traditional yearly counting of blessings, 2016 scores 10,489 total blessings.

173 of the total 10,489 (1.6%) are specific “YES” answers to my Prayer Requests.

To start 2017, I alreay counted 15 blessings (6 were specifics, that’s 40% ot the total, 60% were surprises).

This might be good numbers but more than the blessings, let us look at the Ultimate Blessor.

All glory, honor and praise belong to GOD.

BHKJOURNAL_2016_00009: 18 Years Ago

18 years ago, a group of friends (my classmates), asked me this question, “If you were to die today, do you know where would you go?”

I answered quickly, “in heaven!” Because I have read already in the Bible that “whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” But reality sank when they asked me a follow-up question, “Are you sure?” From that moment, I give in, I am not really sure, I just read it and put the idea in my mind without taking it to the heart.

The moment I surrender my “intellectual thinking” of eternity, the moment God reigns in my life. He became the center of everything. The intellectual became spiritual and the happiness became joy.

Today, it marks the 18th year anniversary of the moment I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. The moment I realized that more than putting eternity in an intellectual mode, it should be more of spiritual. Less of me, more of God. I am nothing but Christ gave up everything for me to have a real meaning.

18 years have passed, ups and downs surpassed, unfaithfulness even ruin some of the great plans and dreams, unfaithfulness I know hurt the Holy One but 18 years and counting, He is still faithful and just even if I am not.

Lord, thank you for being You.

All honor glory and praise belong to You.

Today, let me also lead you to a prayer similarly to the one I utter 18 years ago…

Heavenly Father . . . I acknowledge that the separation between us . . . is because of my sin . . . I confess that I have sinned . . . and have fallen far short of Your glory . . . I thank You that You sent Your Son, Jesus . . . to pay the penalty for my sin . . . I believe that He died on the cross for me . . . I believe that You raised Him from the dead . . . I am sorry for my sins . . . and I ask You to forgive and cleanse me . . . I want to turn away from everything the Bible calls sin . . . and receive You as my Lord, Master, and Savior . . . help me to love, serve, and obey You . . . for the rest of my life . . . in Jesus’ name . . . Amen!

“If you have sincerely prayed that prayer, the Bible promises that the old has gone and the new has come!”



“Brave Heart Kid” Libert Ong

December 6, 1999

AB Mass Communication 1 – Block A

College of Human Sciences, Saint Louis University

Baguio City, Philippines

I was walking on earth

When I saw a different place;

I went there without a purpose

Then I saw a total darkness.


I love to be in that place

Because there are no hindrances;

I like to be in that place

Because there are no poverties.


Everything became good,

Nobody is wrong;

Everybody is okay

And they don’t care.


I’m so happy with my life,

Whatever you do is right;

The people will not rebuke you

And they will make you happy.


But one day I realized something;

They said I have a problem.

They just looked at me and laughed,

They even leave me alone.


I said to myself: I was lost,

I don’t have any hope;

But in the dark I saw a light

And I follow that special guide.


When I touched that firing light,

It warmed me but I was not burned;

That was the greatest gift I’ve found,

It came from heaven above.


I haven’t written a blog for quite some time. It’s time to be back! =)

Last Monday, I attended a Youth Forum regarding HEROism and I’ve learned a lot including the new languages of the millennials including the quick statements like “Nagmahal. Nasaktan. Nagkilay.” and the likes.

I have read also a lot in social media ranting against the Philippine president or ranting against the people who are opposing our president. Sadly, I am one of those people who also expressed what’s inside of me by ranting and breaking some of the ethics of social media which ironically I discussed with some of the CCPF students earlier this year.

After quite some time, realization came to my senses that I AM AN IRRESPONSIBLE USER of Social Media. And it’s time to really do something. So it’s time to really apply our #ChangeIsComing motto for the sake of honoring God and reaching the people around us by being responsible social media user.

I have a lot of thoughts in my mind but let me just sum it up by saying this:

Ipinanganak. Nag-aral. Natuto. Nagtrabaho. Nagmahal. Naging Makabayan. Naging Environmentalist. Nag-Broadcast. Nag-Rant sa Social Media. Nagkamali. Humingi ng Tawad. Natutong Muli. LUMUHOD. UMIYAK. NAGDASAL. NAGPURI KAY JESUS!por


After I ate my lunch (Korean food) earlier, I walked for a while and felt like I’m looking for a classic.

So, I choose to take my route at Sangitan and remembered my elementary days when Nikki (my cousin) and I will go to their house for lunch. We so much love the cartoons “Sonic the Hedgehog” during those times. He always ride his bike while I walk following him just like the fast Sonic and his buddy Tail.

I was not satisfied with my cravings for the classic, so I went to my elementary Alma Mater, Wesleyan University-Philippines and I looked for one man – MANG MANING!

Mang Maning is already an “institution” in the university as we already knew him since our elementary days selling classic flavored ice creams.

As I am about to approach him, I saw two mothers paying their bills which Mang Maning refused to accept. The alumni ladies want to bless Mang Maning and pay the ice cream that they “bought” but the other stuff happened, Mang Maning was the one who blessed them with his ice cream.

That generous act of Mang Maning gave a smile in my face as I finally found ONE CLASSIC ACT. The classic act of generosity came from a person who took pride and joy in what he does.

When Mang Maning, asked me what flavor I am ordering, I said “halo-halo na lang po.” He mixed the chocolate and cookies and cream flavor to another one which I don’t know yet. When I tasted it, it’s “AVOCADO FLAVORED” ice cream! It’s been decades since I’ve tasted that flavor of an ice cream. Then, I sighed and said, “THIS IS A GENUINE CLASSIC!

If you can drop by near WU-P, I recommend that you buy Mang Maning’s “CLASSIC” ice cream! =)



“Brave Heart Kid”

Libert A. Ong

Mayo 25, 2016

Here’s the English version of the Spanish poem yesterday =)


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Smile, smile, where art thou?

Everywhere! Answered by Thee;

Yes it is, but genuineness, where art?

A whisper said on mountaintop maybe.


How many more days that can be endured?

Before real smile come back unto yours truly;

Rest they say is just needed in a small spree

But more than that is necessary to truly be set free.


Looking for progression to see a genuine smile,

It’s hard to have it when there’s suppression inside;

Where art thou, o where art thou?

Only one release can answer all thy questions.


Longing for that blessing of release since the year started,

Still the answer: patience is a virtue and love is the greatest of them all;

But there is an end in every indescribable tunnel,

Especially when years passed by and the funnel is still at the lowest level.


In the process of losing the smile once again,

Differences are not the ones who blind the eyes nor to see it clear;

Hypocrisy, people-pleasing attitude and two-faced character with self-righteousness maybe,

One thing for sure, special release is needed not to give up thy integrity.


Fresh air and relaxation on mountaintop, please give back thy lost smile

To a person who’s longing for it for quite some time;

The one looking for that genuineness has experienced his longest drought,

Greatest comeback in history is about to unleash in that seeking time.


Smile, smile, smile… please come back to thy home of yours,

Freedom, freedom, freedom… expressed the heart that is suppressed;

The bravery inside the kid’s heart cannot wait any longer

For the best release that is needed in unleashing the smile of forever.



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“Valiente el Corazón el Niño”

Libert A. Ong

Mayo 25, 2016


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¿Sonrisa, sonrisa, donde eres tú?
Por todas partes! Respondido por ti; ¿
Sí lo es, sino autenticidad, donde arte? Susurro de A
dijo en lo mejor de la cima de la montaña.

¿Cómo muchos más días que pueden ser soportados?
Antes de real sonrisa volver a vuestra verdad;
Resto dicen que es necesario sólo en una pequeña juerga
pero más que eso es necesario verdaderamente liberarnos.

En busca de progresión ver una sonrisa genuina,es difícil que cuando hay represión interior;
¿Dónde están, o están donde tú? Liberación sólo un
puede contestar todas tus preguntas.

Anhelando esa bendición de liberación desde que comenzó el año,
todavía la respuesta: la paciencia es una virtud y el amor es el mayor de todos ellos;
Pero hay un final en cada túnel indescriptible,
sobre todo cuando pasaron años y el embudo está todavía en el nivel más bajo.

En el proceso de perder la sonrisa una vez más, las diferencias de
no son los que ciega los ojos ni a verlo claro;
Hipocresía, gente agradable actitud y carácter bifronte con tal vez su propia justicia, lo
una liberación especial, que es necesario no darle tu integridad.

Fresh aire y relajación en la cima de la montaña, por favor devolver tu sonrisa perdida
a una persona que está deseando para él por algún tiempo;
El uno busca esa autenticidad ha experimentado su más larga sequía,
mayor remontada en la historia está a punto de desatar en ese tiempo buscando.

Sonrisa, sonrisa, sonrisa… por favor volver a tu casa de los suyos,
libertad, libertad, libertad… expresó el corazón que se suprime la;
La valentía dentro de corazón de los niños no puede esperar cualquier más largo
para el mejor lanzamiento que se necesita en desatar la sonrisa de siempre.



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