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WU-P Mini Reunion Summary 2015

It’s been a long time…

After 20 years, three (3) months (3) three weeks and three (3) days of not seeing each other, Wesleyan University-Philippines Elementary Batch ’95 has come together to celebrate as one unit once again!

It all started with a talk with some of the cream of the crop and was scheduled earlier at the Mall of Asia Arena as the “bald-head organizer” thought that the batch mates were just few and most of them are Manila-based people already until people started to text, call and leave a message to that man as his number was posted in the invitation for the mini reunion.

He created the a simple chat group to organized the much-awaited reunion, then an effort was made by Daniel “Dado” Macapagal to looked for their classmates in WU-P Elem Batch’95. Thankfully, his effort was fruitful as many responded to the call.

There were lots of fun, laughter and “kulitan” moments in the chat room including trivia and historical facts during their elementary days. It was also their moment to look for the most “notorious” classmate that they have during their time – Amable Villanuea. He is not yet found as of writing time.

Maybe some of their classmate got irritated to the “un-seriousness (there is no such word hahaha)” of the “kolokoys” in the group that they chose to leave the chat room for the group.

Those were just introductions; let us now go directly to the reunion.

“WU-P Elementary Batch’95 Mini Reunion; July 26, 2015, 11:30 AM at the Chef Table, Doña Adela Subdivision, Cabanatuan City (near Amada – Atoy Amada not Hamada hahaha, MKC and Texas)”

At 11:30 AM, Mr. “Chef Table” Rommel Gaspar started to text the batch “Where na kayo? Akala ko ba 11:30 AM? O ako ang mali, 11:30 PM ba? Filipino time nga naman.” Then, Mr. Gregory John Balbin called up that he’s coming already together with “Tita Mama” – our Grade 1 adviser, Mrs. Beth Seranilla. Then, yours truly arrived and saw Daniel, Greg and Ma’am Beth waiting for the whole batch and some of our teachers.

After some seconds, minutes, hours, Batch ’95 people arrived and some of their teachers came too including their batch adviser, Mrs. Priscila Santos.

For those who didn’t attend, I will not reveal all the stuff (mainggit muna kayo hahaha). But don’t worry; I will give you a glimpse.


W01 W02 W03 W05 W06 W07 W08 W09 W10 W11 W12 W13 W14 W15


  • Libert A. Ong, Daniel V. Macapagal III, Fortunato M. Abraham III, Rommel Gaspar, Mark Julius DJ Afan (Ganun pa rin sulat mo! =)), Cesar Villaroma Jr., Arman Zaballero, Gregory John B. Balbin, Jonathan Figueroa (Mr. Gothic), Tyel Alfonso, Gerard Paul C. “Mugen” Alfonso, Emmanuel Joy T. Cleto, Julius “Gilik Bukid” Trajano, and Doc Ruth Domingo-Sebastian (humabol lang siya nung gabi na) – we were wondering, “did we enroll in an all-boys exclusive school during our elementary days?”
  • Teachers: Ma’am Elizabeth Bitangcol-Seranilla, Ma’am Gemma Salazar-Ramirez, Ma’am Priscila A. Santos and Mr. Jessie M. Fernando and family

As the group was almost complete, Batch’95 including the teachers and their families gathered together as Ma’am Beth lead the prayer for the food and the reunion.

During the lunch, more reminiscing happened as the teachers asked questions to their former pupils and some stories were shared. The most laughter came when Ma’am Santos asked a controversial question and the “pupils” answered in chorus. If you will ask what was that, I won’t mention – attend the GRAND REUNION if you really want to know.

After lunch and bond with the teachers, of course pictures were taken as a commanded/requested by our former principal, Mrs. Mildred T. Ancheta who’s in abroad during the reunion.

Before the teacher, said their goodbyes for a while, Batch’95 asked them, “Ma’am, pwede na po kami mag-holen?” When they said, “Pwede na!” a cheer from the men was heard like children once again.

As they (teachers) leave the place, Batch ’95 started to cheap-in for the contribution for the reunion and for the drinks – to those who love to drink they bought their beers but for those who don’t, lemonade, soft drinks and water already made them happy.

The talk continues until afternoon – some of them “escaped” already like what they always did during elementary days’ class hours. Some stayed a little bit longer but needed to go home before the sun sets.

Before the night ends, Doc Domingo – the only thorn among the roses? Oh I mean the only rose among the thorns, dropped by to say hello and have a chat with the FOUR red HORSEMEN (Macky, Julius, Daniel, and Rommel) and yours truly from the Straight Edge Society (SES).

It was a fun-day and night after all as the teachers even mentioned that the reunion should be conducted more often.

No class officers were chosen and no funds were raised only love for one another plus proper coordination was executed for the successful mini reunion.

More stories to tell if you will come to the GRAND REUNION that might be conducted in December so that those batch mates working outside the country and Cabanatuan can make it already.

PS: If one of you will see AMABLE VILLANUEVA, please grab him and get his contact number! =)

We also remember you ELBEN PAGUDAR Birthday (September 18, 1982-April 13, 2013) … Rest in Peace brother, you are in better hands right now…