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Libert A. Ong (Brave Heart Kid)

January 3, 2016


After 16 years, eight months and 27 days,

The Lord once again showed His mighty ways;

A group composed of Derick, Myra, Errold, Baham, Alvin and Libert

Come together to toast for a renewed friendship berth.


Joyride started the 10-hour journey,

Isdaan ‘protégé’ in the first place became funny

As the group went there just to see a renovation

But brilliant minds won’t stop and made the mistake into a photo session.


They looked for a place where there’s alive and fresh fish

But ended up dining at Max’s Restaurant with a lot of dish;

Greater stories of the past were finally revealed.

And those lines broke the barriers and the shield.


After filling their stomachs with food while minds with memories,

“#Cabanatuan” in SM City has come to their senses;

Photo session in that place became so fun

Especially when they jumped for a shot and got tired without a run.



Starbucks experience revealed more secrets,

The stories will just remain there as a code of friendship;

Bar Side at Quimson Street took part of the reunion story,

More things were shared before going to the next territory.


The get together won’t be complete without the visit

To the school that mold their character and wit;

Sci-Hi will never be forgotten no matter what,

Especially with Batch ’99 always on the watch.


Great things happened on the second day of January 2016,

Expect more to come from Batch ’99 to reminisce years of teen;

To all the members of these batch in Cabsy Sci-Hi,

Soar together on high without forgetting the humble tires.