BHKJOURNAL_2015_00011: 17 YEARS


Libert A. Ong (Brave Heart Kid)

December 7, 2015 9:40 AM – 9:50 AM (Cabanatuan City)

17 years

It’s been 17 years already

Since I’ve known You personally;

There were lots of times that I’ve failed you

Yet You remain faithful in what you do.


Thank You Lord for the 17 years of walk,

Sorry for the times that I didn’t make my talk;

I have promises that I failed to do

Yet You always gave Your best so I could honor You.


Seventeen years of ups and downs,

I have hurt You lot of times;

Yet You still smile at me any time of the day

And said “My child, I love you no matter what.”


Again, thank You God for sending Your Son,

Lord Jesus for dying for me as a ransom;

Holy Spirit, guide me in my next journey

So I would still give honor to God Almighty.


To my friends who helped me know Jesus personally,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity;

Let me tell You that I won’t forget that until eternity

And together, let us give Him praises, honor and glory.



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