First, I would like to thank “kambal” Kristel Ann S. Escal for blessing me with Michael Shawn Hickenbottom books (WWE’s “Heart Break Kid” Shawn Michaels)!

  • Heartbreak & Triumph
  • Wrestling for my LIFE
HBK's Books
HBK’s Books

I finished reading the two books in less than a month (I also finished reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer during those times)!

Now, I want to share some lines, phrases, sentences, paragraphs that I have highlighted in his 2nd book – Wrestling for my LIFE.

I prayed for Shawn when I came to know the Lord in 1998 because he is my childhood wrestling hero and when I found that that he gave his life to the Lord years after, I was so joyful because I know he will impact lives and truly, he did and that includes me.

So here we go, let me give you some of Shawn’s words in his book! I hope you avail one too because you will surely be blessed.

Let’s learn from Shawn’s words and experience:

To those people getting a lot of flak both from Christian and non-believers, let’s see these…

  • “Frankly, after I returned to wrestling as a Christian, I caught more flak from Christians than I did from wrestling fans who weren’t believers.”
  • “I have learned quickly to aim to please God and leave the rest up to Him and the people to work out how they should feel about me. I realized that sounds harsh, but I had to take that approach after discovering that is was possible to do what I believed would please God, yet that would still not be good enough to please some Christians.
  • “One of the many things I love about being a Christian is that I can put my focus on pleasing God above all others. I still seek affirmation, but now it is from God. I want people to like me – the real me but I know from experience that is not possible in every case.”
  • “If we can please God, I figure we’re doing it right.”

BHK says: Please GOD than anyone else! =)

To those who wanted to give up and those who feels like their losing…

  • “JESUS didn’t quit. Warriors don’t quit. Real men don’t quit.”

BHK says: Thank you Shawn for this encouragement! =)

I love Shawn’s words about this one:

  • “DISCIPLESHIP – teaching and showing others, especially new believers, how to live the Christian life – should never be overlooked by those who have been Christians for a while.”
  • “When you allow God to use you in an area He places in your heart, when you intentionally seek to serve others, you can’t help be encouraged.”

BHK says: Again, thank you Shawn for reminding me how important DISCIPLESHIP is. =)


If there is someone in the history of WWE knows and feels very well what forgiveness is all about, it is this man (Shawn), just read his books and you will know.

  • FORGIVENESS brings ”
  • “Two Kinds FREEDOM:
  • The one that some don’t want to give up – becoming a Christian requires giving up some rights. It requires giving up some freedom. And that’s where the second type of freedom comes in.
  • The one that only GOD can provide – brings the most liberating feeling a person can experience. I’ve lived under God’s freedom, and there’s no comparison.”
  • “I never appreciated life until I accepted JESUS CHRIST as my SAVIOR.”
  • Gods’ forgiveness transforms you so that you don’t keep doing what you did before.”

BHK says: I’ll borrow the words Shawn used, ““FORGIVENESS brings FREEDOM.” And let me add this: the more you have been forgiven and the more you have given it too will just bring so much freedom in your life.

I hope you are already blessed with those words and more encouraging words are coming…

  • “It’s an amazing feeling to know that the Creator of the universe is pleased with you.”
  • “Because God seems to be silent doesn’t mean He isn’t there. He is with us every step of the way, drawing us closer in relationship to Him because He knows that the absolute best thing for us is to put our trust completely in Him. Not partially, but completely. If it takes getting a scar for us to understand what God intends for us, so be it.”
  • “I’ve learned to place more value in what God thinks of me than what other people think of me.”
  • “No matter what we go through, there is something good on the other side to look forward to.”
  • “Test, trials, and tribulations are only for a season. They never have the final say. Even death doesn’t have the final say. I don’t fear dying. I don’t mean that I want to leave this earth, because I love being with my wife, I enjoy being part of my children’s lives and watching them grow up. But I know where I am headed after I die. I know where I will be for eternity.

As I’m about to conclude, let me clear some things, yes, I have quoted a lot about Shawn here and I might get a lot of flaks for doing so just like what Shawn has experience (both from Christians and non-believers, I am not just sure on who will be the first to throw the stone. Haha) Yes, I have quoted a lot of Shawn’s stuff because it’s his book, not yours. Haha. Kidding aside, I just want to say (this might sound harsh), I don’t care about the bashing but I care about GOD and how he transformed lives and on how it will reach out to many whatever the ways and means are.

Let me also say what I have learned from Shawn (Throw stones now. Haha. Sorry but not sorry, I just wanted to share a testimony of a man whom GOD has changed dramatically both in his career and his personal life.). He said that in the earlier years of his career (before He knew Christ), he was arrogant and cocky to say to his colleagues “FOLLOW THAT!” after performing great in his matches (I still believe that he is the most resilient athlete in the history of WWE).

But after knowing Christ, all the names and accomplishments are all nothing compared to His relationship with JESUS. Now, instead of saying “follow that,” he is one of those people I looked up to and will surely believe in when he say this two words: “FOLLOW CHRIST!”


Now that I am ending this blog, let me say something. Shawn and Hunter (Triple H) of WWE always said in their DX days the question, “Are You Ready?” My answer is: YES! I am ready to get flaks from those people who do not understand but I am also ready for those people who will appreciate this things and I am willing to share more of GOD in their lives. So, if you are not down with that I’ve got two words for you: FOLLOW CHRIST!




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