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“Brave Heart Kid” Libert Ong

December 6, 1999

AB Mass Communication 1 – Block A

College of Human Sciences, Saint Louis University

Baguio City, Philippines

I was walking on earth

When I saw a different place;

I went there without a purpose

Then I saw a total darkness.


I love to be in that place

Because there are no hindrances;

I like to be in that place

Because there are no poverties.


Everything became good,

Nobody is wrong;

Everybody is okay

And they don’t care.


I’m so happy with my life,

Whatever you do is right;

The people will not rebuke you

And they will make you happy.


But one day I realized something;

They said I have a problem.

They just looked at me and laughed,

They even leave me alone.


I said to myself: I was lost,

I don’t have any hope;

But in the dark I saw a light

And I follow that special guide.


When I touched that firing light,

It warmed me but I was not burned;

That was the greatest gift I’ve found,

It came from heaven above.




Small fonts… It’s too thick… No pictures to enjoy…

Some people have read the Bible from cover to cover but there are also people who have seen only the cover of the Bible and never the content…

The BIBLE is BORING! Hmmmm….

People might look at the Bible as a boring book because of the reasons I mentioned at the top of this blog.

Let me tell you something, the Bible is a book full of action, drama, love story, battle, and a lot more – it’s a complete package. It gives you adventures from General Patronage (GP) to SPG (Strong Pastoral Guidance) categories.

The Bible got all what it takes for a movie-goer or a bookworm is looking for a great watch or great read but why the action packed Bible still seems to be boring?

I realized one reason (it might be just one but it’s a big reason). Here it is: People are AFRAID to be EXPOSED in the LIGHT!

In this generation that’s also full of corruption and excuses, we people are happy to see the bad guys being caught but when the truth starts to run after us, we also make excuses and sometimes, we turn the truth into lies. So what is our difference now with the other corrupt and bad guys we are talking about? NOTHING! We are also afraid to be exposed as there were dark moments in our lives too in one way or another.

Most of do not want to open our Bibles because the lies in our minds tell us that the Bible is BORING but in reality, we are AFRAID to be CHANGED by the WORDS written in that book. We are afraid to be CONVICTED by the WORDS that are sharper than any edged sword or mightier that the laser sword.

In short, the BIBLE is not BORING; we people are just running away from the truth so that our darkest moments will never be exposed in the Light.


Bible is only boring for those who does not want to change but the Bible is so exciting and full of action for those whom JESUS change.


Bible is not BORING… The WORDS written in it are LIFE-CHANGING… They from our GOD who give us life to the EVERLASTING…