BHKJOURNAL_2013_0004: Happy 20th Birthday Yahyen…

I came to know this teenager around 2008-2009 when she was still a high school student.

YahyenYears passed by, the teenager that I’ve known as a “follow-up” or disciple of my tag team partner in Legally eXtreme (LX), a simple leader of their batch and a known intelligent high school student with great innovative ideas in her mind… has now become a lady. In fact she’s celebrating her 20th year of existence on earth today =)

During her high school days, I have heard about her talents and I have seen a lot of potential in this kid without me seeing one of her talents yet but with the “director’s instinct” running over me that time, I decided right away to call her as BHK’s Talent.” I have trained other actors on stage/theater and some others I have trained with other stuff but seeing the potential in this kid that I know will eventually turn into a lady, I have given her the title (BHK’s Talent) that I haven’t given to anyone else yet until she came to the picture (take note: I have never seen any of her talent yet but she’s already the “appointed one”).

Then, there were “silent years” in my partnership with my talent but just 15 days ago, we were re-united over a cup of coffee, a pink notebook (please support Susan G. Komen – Rise Above Cancer endeavor.. check for more details), an assignment and a doughnut.

After that, we exchange a series of text messages to cope with “silent years” that we have and revive the “Director-Talent partnership” that we have years back. We shared a lot of similarities and a little of dissimilarities. The Director and the Talent have formed a formidable team that will surely make an impact in this world.

So, Yahyen, thank you very much for the friendship, partnership, sharing (some journal, basketball things, acting, adventure, tour, journey, family and a lot more) and for all the time spent. I am still looking forward in doing a major project with you. I do not know yet when but surely,  I will maximize that talent of yours in that project! =)


Thank you also for being part of the team who are preparing students for L.I.F.E. (Leadership, Integrity, Faith and Excellence)!

Just continue to honor God and make disciples.


Marieyah Rovienne A. Laconsay… HAPPY HAPPY 20th BIRHTDAY! =)


BHKJOURNAL_2013_0003: Blue Box Society (BBS) @ 10…


Decade ago, a group of friends walk together in the vicinity of Camp John Hay, Baguio City and formed one of the most formidable friendships in town.

The Palindromes (Jherriel, Tpen, Toper), Kosa (Jhen, Aygee, TiNTiN) and 3 different individuals from UB (Libert, Mark, Razam) joined forces to make this friendship possible.

John Kristoffer C. Palma (2pe/Toper) was responsible in forming the group and in giving a lot of concepts and spices to the team including the “time capsule” thing that leads to named the group as the “BLUE BOX SOCIETY” – derived from the airplane’s black box and the favorite color of the team.

Guys, if I am not mistaken, it’s time for me to greet you HAPPY 10TH year ANNIVERSARY BBS! =)

We might not be spending time that much anymore like years ago as we have separate lives already but the friendship will remain forever.

As we celebrate 10 years of friendship, let me offer this blog as a simple gratitude to all of you…

Jhen – Thank you for being the “ate” of the team. I am so proud of what you’ve become today. I still remember your dreams when we were still younger and on how you have fulfilled some of those. The best is yet to come in your life. I am so blessed to see on how you have overcome all the obstacles that come along your way. More blessings and greater things coming in your life.

Aygee – Thank you for keeping the time capsule (where is it now?ù). Thank you for all the support you have given – from personal support in bringing out the best in me going to basketball support and to least of all support. Whenever I see you, there’s always a light mood that you brought into the table plus that genuine smile you have – your eyes are already smiling. You always bring that joy that always lighten the mood of everybody.

TiNTiN – Bunso! Thank you for all the sharing that we have including the change of roles that we do from time to time. I miss all those stuff. I also miss all the videoke days where I do not really sing (I just enjoyed watching you sing), the arcade stuff and the Chowking moments (hikabikabu?ù) plus a lot more to cherish. I even miss the mountain-trekking adventure and the “coffee moments” without coffee. I also miss the “pustahan” thing during NBA Finals and most importantly, I miss spending time with my LiT’L SiS! Raptaptap!

Jherriel – I miss our midnight talks. During those times, we’ve shared a lot of different stories – from passion to mission, dislikes to favorites and even heart issues. People around us might not know about our “coffee days” when we had a lot of talks about life and I treasured all those moments with you. Bro, continue to grow as a loving husband and father, and never let ever let go of the destiny that God has prepared for you. Injuries happen both to sports and life but those injuries can lead to a great healing process and be greater than ever.

Tpen – I have seen you transform from the comic-type of a guy to being the first one to tie knot inside the group. I miss all your unorthodox jokes that you have brought into the “tropa.” I miss hearing the sounds coming from your blessed and gifted hands whenever you strike the drums and cymbals with your drumsticks and play a beautiful music for the glory of our King.  Continue to use you life’s drumsticks in tuning up the band and always give the sweetest of all music to give Him the glory and reach out to many.

Toper (2pe) – Thank you for all the shared memories that even lead to sleepless nights at times. By the way, I don’t sleep but you do during those moments. =) Thank your for all the support you have given in many aspects of my life and for being there in fulfilling some of my dreams. I won’t forget all your help before my graduation comes. You have played a big part in reaching my most coveted “graduation ring.” Thank you for sharing your life whether it is in misery or in victory.

Razam – Thank you for the friendship. Thank you for listening to the pieces of advice we have given you. Thank you for all your stories even the “heartbreaks” that seems like you didn’t even let to suck out the life out of you. Instead, you just shrug it off and move on to fulfill your greatest dreams. Just like what our school says before, “you can be what you want to be.” God bless all your endeavors brother!

Mark (Norman – I don’t know where Janice got that name for you) – I do not know how you became part of the team but the thing is you are part of it. =) That is who you are, a person that is hard to describe but whether you know the reason or not for having you, there’s always a good feeling having you in a team. You just laugh at problems but you seriously overcome it. A lot of potential in you that is not yet unleash. Wait for it to come out because the best is yet to come.

Speaking of best… let me greet one of the greatest “tropa” I ever had a happy 10th year anniversary!

A toast to a DECADE of FRIENDSHIP!

BHKJOURNAL_2013_0002: INVADERS Publication @ 11…

It has been half a year already since I made my last blog.

It seems like my blogging went to the grave together with my friend (whom I considered a mother figure to me) the last time a blog.

This is now the best time to let my blogging to resurrect and be alive again. It’s time for this “notebook” to share some writings to give HIM glory.

What a way to write again in celebrating the formation or invention of the INVADERS Publication 11 years ago. =)

It was a personalized magazine made for Madz as a birthday gift. Lowell and I made the articles and put some other collections.

Then, the 2nd issue was made on October 20, 2012 and was given to Marian Grace Pineda. Lowell and Madz helped me to finish the 2nd hand-made magazine and the INVADERS Publication has come alive and became a team.

As we celebrate the 11th year of the INVADERS Publication (though it’s not active anymore but planning to make it active again), let me greet some people who are celebrating their birthdays today.

Happy-happy birthday to…

  • Ma. Bernadette Franco-Arias (one of my INVADERS Publication partners)
  • Jesse G. Navarro (my superpare)
  • Romy L. Patingan (one of my mentors and a former INVADER of the year awardee)
  • Glenn Dale I. Pernes (one of my book’s editors)
  • Louisa Limgenco (one of my partners in the USHERING Ministry before
  • Karen D. Kelly (one of my co-host in Victory Baguio Volunteers’ Appreciation Night 2009)
  • Ma. Geraldine Garcia (one of my partners in reaching out University of Baguio)
  • Alvin Sabido (one of the partners in honoring God and making disciples)

INVADERS Publication (since 2002)… Writing for HIS glory! =)

invaders2013*special thanks to Welborne Laguinday (happy birthday – September 4) for making the logo

BHKJOURNAL_2013_0001: When It Hurts Unexpectedly…

What a way to start writing a blog this year…

I wrote the poem on February 17, 2013. A day after the death of one friend (she was a family friend and very close to my heart and had been a mother figure to me in the past three years).

As she passed away in an unexpected time and manner, I have manage to write this poem during her wake and when the Lord’s comfort just came on time.

So here it is…


Memories flashing back left and right
They make me feel a bit all right
But still they hurt from within
As the realities start to sink in.

Happy moments playing in my mind
But some pain also starts to grind.
Shrug it off I say to myself,
It helps a little to get out of the hurt shell.

All these are playing in my memory
But I should face the reality.
Hurt and pain make me look like crazy
I do not know how to act properly.

Then a comfort came like a flood
He said, “Be still and know that I am God.”
I realized he is in control of everything
Smile and comfort, He genuinely bring.

08:20 PM

After writing this poem, I still can not understand all those things but I have learned to trust GOD in everything! =)

BHKJOURNAL_2012_0015: Salamat Kuya Jojo…

Nakilala ko si Kuya Jojo noon pang Pebrero ng 1999. Tagal na di ba?

Ipinakilala siya bilang isang youth leader ng isang organisayson na naglalayong tulungang ang mga kabataan upang makilala ang Panginoon at magkaroon ng tamang paninindigan sa buhay. At bukod dito siya ay ipinakilala sa amin bilang artista ng That’s Entertainment ni Kuya Germs.

Sa pagiging masiyahin at palakaibigan ni Kuya Jojo noong mga panahon na iyon, kami ng mga kaibigan ko na nagpunta sa kanilang pagtitipon na tinatawag na “Youth Jam” ay nakaramdam na tanggap kami sa lugar na iyon. Hindi siya naging suplado na inaakala namin na gawain ng mga artista. Isa si Kuya Jojo sa nagpaunawa sa amin na silang mga artsita ay tao din at maaring makasalamuha ng kahit na sino man.

Mula noon ay hindi na kami nawalan ng koneksyon sa isa’t-isa. Kahit nasa Baguio ako ng mahabang panahon, kami ay may komunikasyon pa rin ni Kuya Jojo at hindi niya nakakalimutang mangamusta. Lagi din niya ako pinagdarasal tuwing kami ay nagkikita at kahit hindi kami magkasama ay patuloy pa rin ang pagdarasal niya para sa akin upang gabayan ako ng Panginoon sa lahat ng aking gawain.

Pagkalipas ng ilang panahon ay nagbalik ako sa Nueva Ecija at medyo nangangapa ako muli sa aking lupang sinilangan sapagkat ang tagal ko itong nilisan. Ngunit salamat kay Kuya Jojo na unang lumapit sa akin at tinulungan ako sa maraming aspeto ng buhay.

Una niyang naitulong sa akin ay ang pagsama niya sa akin sa kanyang grupo upang makakilala ako ng mga bagong kaibigan sa Cabanatuan na mapapagkatiwalaan ko sa lahat ng larangan lalo na sa Espiritwal na aspeto ng buhay. Ito ang laging una kay Kuya Jojo – ang papurihan ang Panginoon sa lahat ng kanyang ginagawa. Pangalawa rito ay ang pagtulong sa mga tao upang mapalapit sa Panginoon at ipakita ang kabutihan Niya sa bawat nilalang.

Si Kuya Jojo din ang isa sa mga tumulong sa akin na makahanap ng trabaho para sa akin ng ako ay nagbalik Cabanatuan. Siya ang isa sa mga nagkonekta sa akin sa mga tamang tao. Natulungan din ako ni Kuya Jojo ng mga panahong nangangailangan kami at ang pinkamalaking tulong niya nga ay ang pagkakaroon ko ng trabaho. Natulungan niya ako ng lubos hindi sa pagbibigay ng monetaryong bagay ngunit sa pagkakaroon ng abilidad upang magkaroon ng trabahong makakatulong sa akin at sa pamilya na kaakibat lamang ang monetaryong bagay.

Malaki ang pasasalamat ko kay Kuya Jojo sapagkat tinuruan niya ako na hindi lamang umasa sa tulong ng mga tao – tinuruan niya ako na maging matiyaga, masipag at masigasig upang magtagumpay sa buhay na ito. Nagpapasalamat din ako kay Kuya Jojo sapagkat ang mga naituro niya sa akin ay tunay ko ngang nagagamit ngayon sa aking propesyon at natutunan kong mahalin ang aking trabaho sapagkat pinagtiyagaan talaga naming makamit ito.

Si Kuya Jojo din ang gumabay at nagbigay sa akin ng mga napakabuting mga payo ng mga panahong may problema kami sa aming pamilya. Itinago ko sa aking puso ang bawat salitang kanyang iminungkahi sa akin ng mga panahong yoon at hanggang ngayon ay sariwa pa rin sa akin ang mga payo na iyon at lubos talaga itong nakatulong upang makayanan kong makakita muli ng liwanag pagkatapos ng unos sa aking buhay.

Isa rin naging daan si Kuya Jojo upang matupad ang pangarap kong mapunta ng Ilocos at iba pang lugar dito sa North at Central Luzon. Tinulungan niya akong ibalik ang sobrang pagtitiwala sa Panginoon sa lahat ng aspeto ng buhay – sa Ispiritual, pinansiyal, emosyonal, pamilya at iba pa. At pagkatapos nga ng paglibot namin na iyon ay sobra ang aking pasasalamat sapagkat imbes na kunin ni Kuya Jojo ang glorya ay ibinabalik niya ito sa ating Panginoon.

Ang pinakamalaki talagang naitulong sa akin ni Kuya Jojo ay ng binigyan niya ako ng pagkakataon na muling bumalik sa aking misyon sa buhay upang ibahagi ang ebanghelyo sa mga kabataan lalo ang mga nasa paaralan na alam naming mga susunod na leader ng ating pamayanan, bayan, bansa at maging sa iba rin mga lugar kung saan sila ay magsisilbing ehemeplo ng susunod na henerasyon.

Sa pagtatapos ng aking kuwento, kabataan talaga ang tinitibok ng puso ni Kuya Jojo sapagkat mayroon siyang pangarap para sa mga ito tulad ng pangarap niya sa mga napagtapos niyang mga kapatid na ngayon nagtatagumpay sa kanilang mga larangang napasukan. Yoon din ang pangarap ni Kuya Jojo sa bawat kabataan na kanyang gustong tulungan – ang maging matagumpay sa kahit na ano pa ang tatahakin basta’t ito’y makakabuti sa kanila ang magkaroon sila ng magandang kinabukasan.

Kuya Jojo, salamat sa lahat ng tulong at sa pagkakaroon ng pangarap na matagumpay para sa mga kabataan ng ng ating bayan. Higit sa lahat, salamat sa prinsipyo na iyong pinaghahawakan na tunay ngang magbibigay ng glorya at papuri sa ating Panginoong siyang nagbibigay sa iyo ng lakas upang magawa ang lahat ng iyong misyon at advocacy sa buhay.

BHKJOURNAL_2012_0012: Irony Journey with Beshy Leads to Destiny…

How ironic that two “snobs” will become best of friends? =)

We never thought that we will get along very well. =)

We don’t usually talk to one another even though she’s one of my brother’s friend. We don’t usually say a simple “hi” to one another but ironically we were sent to one work place for a mission that leads us to the destiny we are in nowadays.

At first, we were the usual acquaintance but ironically the “snobs” found out that we were in the same page. What I mean the same page? We have the same break time, time of coming in and going out at work and we also have the same barangay that lead us to go home together most of the time.

Then, there was one question that I never thought she will ask and from that moment the door has been opened for both of us. The two “snobs” become best of friends. Some might think that our friendship became intact because we do not have a choice as the situations always led us to be together but one thing I know, we have a choice and there were no accidents on all of these. We are destined to be the “beshy” of one another.

Another irony with her happened on June 15, 2012. As I celebrated my 1st full year at Global Kids Montessori of Nueva Ecija Inc., it also marked her last official day as GKM Staff. Then, when we went out, she was even braver to eat in a “isawan” than I do. She even treated me for dinner that time. How ironic?!

One more irony is the fact that she’s the most bully best friend that I ever had but IRONICALLY, she is the MOST SUPPORTIVE one! She supported me through thick and thin (mapa-THICK pizza ng PIZZA HUT or thin crust ng GREENWICH).

Another thing that I appreciate in our friendship is the fact that NO ISSUES can BREAK us APART! =)

Ava, I just want to say THANK YOU for everything. Thank you for pushing me back on TOP and for helping me realized a lot of things. Thank you for all the support and thank you for all the times spent together – no dull moments with you (kahit na walang words minsan hehe – presence is enough). Finally, thank you for running with me in this great race marked out for us.


Let us run this race together with perseverance. We will help each other out through thick and thin!

At the end of this JOURNEY, our DESTINY is to say these words, “We have fought the good fight, we have finish the race. We have kept the faith.” excerpts from Philippians 4:7


BHKJOURNAL_2012_0003: When GOD intrudes…


In the past months, I was vocal about my desire to go back to the land where I am an official citizen of. I prayed to GOD hardly and after my “3-day journey” with Him this past week, I have received an answer to my prayers as He intrudes into all my plans greatly.

But instead of groaning and grumbling or forcing GOD that my plans should be done, there was a sudden humility before Him that has come. He has shown me His faithfulness in my life despite of the unfaithfulness that I did to him.

After I said sorry, lay down my requests, gave my gratitude to Him and uttered the words, in JESUS name and amen, there was a sudden light that came and all of my questions were answered clearly. Not only that, VISIONS upon VISIONS were also there for me to grasp and those VISIONS moved my heart, and my eyes failed to control the tears that came out.

All I can say that time is YES LORD... I will worship YOU while I’m waiting and I will honor YOU while I am working.

Finally, let me leave this Scripture…

Proverbs 19:21 (NIV)

 21 Many are the plans in a person’s heart,
   but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.

BHKJOURNAL_2012_0001: The Mountain I Called Home…


In my first blog of 2012, I just want to say what my heart, body and mind want to tell..

I miss the mountain I called home for 11 years…

I might be away from the place for almost two years already but my heart still beats and longs for it.

Yes, I am in my hometown as of now, a hometown where I was born but I am away from the place I really called home which is also the place where I am an official citizen.

Going back to my hometown was great but two years of adjustment is too much for me to bear.

I am not saying not I don’t belong here… I love my home city of Cabanatuan, I love the people and they love me too more than I love them, I love the weather and the food, and a lot of things to love here BUT there is something that’s bothering me for the past year already…

What is that?

NOTHING! I just want to go back to my real HOME…

The mountain of BAGUIO CITY!

I hope to see you soon and let’s work together once again and produce the most fruits when we’re working TOGETHER!

I love you Cabanatuan and Cabanatueños but I have to go back to my HOME...

Baguio City, I SHALL RETURN!

BHKJOURNAL2011_0010: I’m falling for you…

I’m falling for you
(June 3, 2011, Friday)

I see your beautiful eyes shining bright
Especially when it sparkles at night.
It shows a window of the inner you
That makes me fall for you.

I never thought of having this feeling
But whenever I’m with you there is something.
Something that makes my heart beats faster
And let my adrenalin always gets higher.

Other people might have seen it before I do
But I never entertained until my heart said so.
And since my heart says that I’m falling for you
Never a single day passed without thinking about you.

When I started thinking about this feeling
A lot of considerations that are boggling.
I even deny myself of liking someone again
But your good heart heart can’t be denied.

As I often think of you and your eyes
Opportunities come better and in bigger size.
You’re such a blessing but never in disguise.
You even inspired me to be hardworking before time expires.

Thank you very much for being my inspiration.
I am now more eager to reach my aspiration.
Thank you for also walking with me in the journey.
A journey to serve the King that will never be in jeopardy.

We have walked together hand in hand.
Now, I am dreaming of walking while holding your hands.
I want to know you more and more
And to spend my life with you forevermore.

BHKJOURNAL2011_0009: Happy Birthday franziegurl…

Happy Birthday to you World's Greatest Secretary! =)

Maligayang pagbati sa iyo magandang binibini
Hiling sa buhay mo'y maging matatag ka parati.
Marami mang pagsubok ang dumating
Alam ko lahat ng iyan ay iyong kakayanin.

Aking naalala ang unang pagpapaiyak sa iyo
Nagyari yoon dahil nakita ang potensiyal mo.
Kami ni Superpare ay sobrang saya dahil dito
Kaya ikaw ay sobrang tanggap ng grupo.

Marami pang luha ang pinatak ng iyong mga mata.
Ang iba roon ay pagsumbong dahil sa problema
At ang iba naman ay dahil sa ikaw ay masaya.
Pero kahit ano pa yan, sa Kanya'y sobrang "precious" ng iyong mga luha.

Ako ay sobrang natutuwa sa muli nating pagkakasama sa trabaho.
Trabaho upang sa ating sinilangang bayan, ikalat ang ebanghelyo.
Sobrang "blessing" ka sa lahat ng kakilala at makikilala mo pa.
Kaya franziegurl, ikaw ay isa sa mga "chosen" talaga.

Ilang taon pa ang ating pagsasamahan
At tiyak ako marami pang tagumpay ang pagsasaluhan.
Kaya sa iyong kaarawan, isang pabaon ang ilalaan.
Isang video ng pasasalamat para sa nilalang na may mabuting kalooban.

BHK wants to say: Thank you! =)

In this birthday of yours, I will now draft you to be part of my team once again.
Officially, you will be back in doing your task as my secretary starting tomorrow! =)

Toast to you eggn0ggite franziegurl! =)

Thoughts from a wrestler who writes…