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BHKJOURNAL_2012_0012: Irony Journey with Beshy Leads to Destiny…

How ironic that two “snobs” will become best of friends? =)

We never thought that we will get along very well. =)

We don’t usually talk to one another even though she’s one of my brother’s friend. We don’t usually say a simple “hi” to one another but ironically we were sent to one work place for a mission that leads us to the destiny we are in nowadays.

At first, we were the usual acquaintance but ironically the “snobs” found out that we were in the same page. What I mean the same page? We have the same break time, time of coming in and going out at work and we also have the same barangay that lead us to go home together most of the time.

Then, there was one question that I never thought she will ask and from that moment the door has been opened for both of us. The two “snobs” become best of friends. Some might think that our friendship became intact because we do not have a choice as the situations always led us to be together but one thing I know, we have a choice and there were no accidents on all of these. We are destined to be the “beshy” of one another.

Another irony with her happened on June 15, 2012. As I celebrated my 1st full year at Global Kids Montessori of Nueva Ecija Inc., it also marked her last official day as GKM Staff. Then, when we went out, she was even braver to eat in a “isawan” than I do. She even treated me for dinner that time. How ironic?!

One more irony is the fact that she’s the most bully best friend that I ever had but IRONICALLY, she is the MOST SUPPORTIVE one! She supported me through thick and thin (mapa-THICK pizza ng PIZZA HUT or thin crust ng GREENWICH).

Another thing that I appreciate in our friendship is the fact that NO ISSUES can BREAK us APART! =)

Ava, I just want to say THANK YOU for everything. Thank you for pushing me back on TOP and for helping me realized a lot of things. Thank you for all the support and thank you for all the times spent together – no dull moments with you (kahit na walang words minsan hehe – presence is enough). Finally, thank you for running with me in this great race marked out for us.


Let us run this race together with perseverance. We will help each other out through thick and thin!

At the end of this JOURNEY, our DESTINY is to say these words, “We have fought the good fight, we have finish the race. We have kept the faith.” excerpts from Philippians 4:7