“Brave Heart Kid”

Libert A. Ong

Mayo 25, 2016

Here’s the English version of the Spanish poem yesterday =)


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Smile, smile, where art thou?

Everywhere! Answered by Thee;

Yes it is, but genuineness, where art?

A whisper said on mountaintop maybe.


How many more days that can be endured?

Before real smile come back unto yours truly;

Rest they say is just needed in a small spree

But more than that is necessary to truly be set free.


Looking for progression to see a genuine smile,

It’s hard to have it when there’s suppression inside;

Where art thou, o where art thou?

Only one release can answer all thy questions.


Longing for that blessing of release since the year started,

Still the answer: patience is a virtue and love is the greatest of them all;

But there is an end in every indescribable tunnel,

Especially when years passed by and the funnel is still at the lowest level.


In the process of losing the smile once again,

Differences are not the ones who blind the eyes nor to see it clear;

Hypocrisy, people-pleasing attitude and two-faced character with self-righteousness maybe,

One thing for sure, special release is needed not to give up thy integrity.


Fresh air and relaxation on mountaintop, please give back thy lost smile

To a person who’s longing for it for quite some time;

The one looking for that genuineness has experienced his longest drought,

Greatest comeback in history is about to unleash in that seeking time.


Smile, smile, smile… please come back to thy home of yours,

Freedom, freedom, freedom… expressed the heart that is suppressed;

The bravery inside the kid’s heart cannot wait any longer

For the best release that is needed in unleashing the smile of forever.



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