BHKJOURNAL_2015_0004: An Answered Prayer Saturday…

January 2015 is about to end and as of January 30, I counted 700 blessings already! =)


But before I share the specific answer prayers that I received this month, let me give my snappy salute to the SAF44 Tagaligtas! Rest in peace… You are our heroes!


Here are the specific answered prayers:

  • January 3 (Finished reading the 1st book out of the planned 12)
  • Almost one sitting reading of Tuesdays with Morrie1


  • January 4 (BOD 1st Meeting of the Year)
  • Pacific/Jollibee bonding with COO Paul & Treas. Manilyn plus Faith


  • January 8 (2 new books collected out of the planned 12)
  • Stupid is Forever1 (from Girlie)
  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn2 (bought)


  • January 17 (13 Months of Blessings – Book publication)
  • Created by
  • Available already at with Kindle version

  • January 24 (Finished reading the 2nd book out of the planned 12)
  • Stupid is Forever2


January 31, 2015


  • I received a text from a friend (for the sake of privacy and sensitivity of the sickness, I won’t mention the name) that the check-up went well and God’s miraculous power has been proven.

All glory honor and praise to our LORD JESUS CHRIST! =)




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