BHKJOURNAL_2015_0001: Traditional Counting of Blessings…


As usual, at the end of the year I always compute on how many blessings I have received during that year and I also shared the numbers to the world through blogging.

As 2014 closes its chapter and 2015 journey is about to unfold, let me share on GOD is faithful in my life despite me not being one.

In 2012, I received a total of 2, 993 blessings (8.18 blessings per day)

In 2013, I received a total of  4, 299 blessings (11.78 blessings per day)

Then, in 2014…

7, 378 blessings received (20.21 blessings per day) =)

God is faithful! =)

More than the blessings, I would like to thank, honor and praise the One who gave me all those blessings =)

Have a blast in 2015! =)


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