BHKJOURNAL_2014_0013: 16th year with the LORD…

Today, I celebrate the faithfulness of God in my life since I came to know Him personally exactly 16 years ago.

As I have told you before, I was a religious and “righteous” kid back then when some of my friends invited me to join their Bible study group. I was hesitant at first thinking that they might recruit me into a new religion. I make excuses the first time they invited me, I just told them that I am busy cleaning the classroom and that I will just join them the next time they asked me to be with them.

When they had another gathering, I was there again, cleaning our classroom and once again they asked me to join them. Being a man of my word, I fulfilled my promise that I’ll join them that time. As I joined the group, I tried to use my intelligence in answering some of the questions that they have asked. In the end, I was humbled by the very word of the Lord. I realized that my intelligence was not enough to know and reach God in a personal way.

At exactly 5:45PM of December 7, 1998 at the left back corner of our classromm (IV-Galileo of CCSHS Batch 1999) and the sun was about to set, I accepted JESUS as my personal Lord and Savior.

My life has never been the same after that encounter. The former shy-type guy started to discover his leadership potential. In fact, some of the leaders that led me to know Christ have gone astray but I am not giving up on them as they have not given up on me before. If God has not given up on me, He will also do the same with them.

In the early years of walking with HIM, I have not been faithful to God and I even had an experience of running away from Him in some point in time but GOD has been faithful and He will remain faithful until the very end.

In the past few month, more clouds entered in the picture and somewhat I lost track of HIS plans but HE is faithful enough. HE even turned the lights on once again when all I can see is darkness. Thankfully, GOD is faithful and truly he is the LIGHT of this world.

Right now, I just want to honor my GOD during my 16th Spiritual birthday but renewing my commitment with HIM as I celebrate and highlight the goodness and faithfulness of God in my life!

I am also hoping and praying that as I re-commit my life with HIM, the energy, fire and zealousness will be back to the highest level.

I am also believing that the LORD will help bring back the best “Brave Heart Kid” who will give his all in all in honoring GOD and making disciples.

As I end another chapter and start a new one, I want to ask some of you… If you don’t have a personal relationship with God and you felt like your in total darkness or you can not feel His presence because you only know Him in your minds not in your heart. I am challenging you today to repent of your sins, allow GOD to be the Master of your life… Accept the gift of salvation He is offering you since He resurrected from the dead… And I assure you this… You will also feel the security that I have received exactly 16 years ago…

If you are up to the challenge… I can help you about it, just leave a message.

God bless us all!

All glory and honor belong to the LORD! =)


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