BHKJOURNAL_2014_0012: Thank You, Thank You, Ang Babait Ninyo (Best in the World Version)…


Every year, I usually have new teammates on board while some former teammates went abroad and still some of them remain.

This 2014, before the year ends, I just want to give honor to some of them – the best that I have chosen in the past few years.

First, the Melay-Yahyen connection…


Melanie Marcos-Ching became my tag team partner in a lot of things during my 2008-2009 journey in Baguio City – the partnership includes reaching out to high school and college students, training talented people in bringing out their best, teaching the KIDS and the next generation of leaders to honor God and make disciples, protect each other from detractors, watching and talking about wrestling, basketball and more sporty stuff, eating five (5) or more cups of rise at Mang Inasal, dreaming to form a foundation for children (to be named as Legally eXtreme Foundation) – we started dreaming about in on April 13, 2009 (noticeably, April 13 = 4/13 – 4 is our favorite number while 13 one of my least yet I have a lot of memories during April 13 but and 13 is another favorite of hers). She became my tag team partner for a reason and she remains as of the best tag teams that I ever had and I still have. She’s one of my best of friends until she found or should I say her husband found her. LX says: “Do unto others before others do unto you.”


Mariyeah Rovienne A. Laconsay caught my attention already during our 1st meet in 2009 at Baguio City National High School where I saw a lot of potentials in her – she sings, she loves sports, she’s energetic, her smile is captivating, a youthful inspiration, a beautiful teenager and most importantly, an intelligent, hardworking, smart student whom you know can make an impact in the near future. From that moment, I always wanted to train her as my talent and what a relief to know that her Victory Group (small group) leader back them was none other than my tag team partner, Melay. Melay and I talked a lot about the potential of this “Sarah Geronimo” type of talent – Yahyen and I usually joke about it during our bonding times. How great it is that the former apprentice of my tag team partner has become the official Team Captain of Team BHK2k14 and being trained to be better than the past generations while also training the next era to be better than her and her team. The teenager Yahyen has become a lady and will continue to do greater things in this present time while training the next generation to be at their best too and be better than us. Yahyen’s potential has been unleashed, so be ready to face breakthroughs when you are with her.

BHK misses both of you and I am so proud that I have worked with two of you. I am hoping for more togetherness in the near future.

Second, Jesse-RJ braces for glory…


Jesse G. Navarro became my “superpare” in 2007 – the year when we shared a lot of memories. We were classmates in ENLI (Every Nation Leadership Institute) during those times. When I became the acting president of that batch, I immediately appointed Jesse to become my vice president. Since then, we did a lot of productions – one production after the other whether it is on theater stage or film. We complement each other because I am more of a theater guy and he’s more of a technical guy. We even made the debut of “eggn0gg’s dokyu” on September 15, 2008. He was a partner in almost all my greatest productions. Jesse is also my accountability partner until today and what I appreciate him the most is that he helps me grow with my relationship with GOD and with other people. I am so proud of my “superpare” Jesse who even got the award that I am dreaming to achieve when we were classmates in ENLI – the gold medal honors. Technically, I can’t win the award, so I just prayed and dreamt that Jesse would pull that one and he did so. I might not have received the first ever medal in my entire life but seeing Jesse being awarded with the gold one made me more proud than receiving it myself. I might not get the gold medal due to technicalities but I have received a technically gifted gold “superpare” in Jesse. He is currently working at GMA Network and using his talents and abilities to glorify GOD while making an impact in the media community.


Roland Ray A. Juatchon became a friend in the last quarter of 2013. At first, we don’t usually talk to one another until we “bullied” one of our friends and the rest was history. Like Jesse, RJ also wears teeth braces and it might be one of the reasons I saw some sparkling in this guy. When I see that sparkle, I did not let the opportunity to pass by, I grabbed it right away and I already ink his name on my draft list. He was also an appointed one in November 2013 where I made him Vice Captain of Team BHK2k14. RJ also loves to play basketball and watched wrestling too – something that we have in common. We might not have a lot of similarities but one thing I know for sure, he will make an impact to a lot of people – actually after a year of friendship, I have seen how made an impact to so many people around his circle and even those who are not part of the picture. I believe he continue to influence more individuals than the combined people that Jesse and I have influenced.

BHK is so proud of you guys and I am looking forward for more partnership and “bucket list” checking.

Third, Franz-Ryzthiene blazing passion…


Franz Marielle C. Nogoy became a team secretary of “World’s Greatest Team” (WGT25) on December 16, 2008 and from that moment she exploded in a lot of things especially in discipleship and administrative support area. Seeing her explosion in our team, I didn’t even think twice to get her as my personal secretary when my tenure of being the “World’s Greatest Manager” has ended. She still considers me as the “WGM” nowadays. How can you decline to that “honor” if you have the “World’s Greatest Secretary” backing you up? Baguio days were over, both of us went back to the province of Nueva Ecija (where both of us were born and raised); I didn’t passed out the opportunity to get her again in my team. She responded to the call and as usual exceeded expectations. She even brought her sister to be part of my team and her sister Kim eventually became BHK’s Apprentice” in 2011. Now, Franz is back in Korea as PhilRice sent her there few years back and she’s being used by GOD there to be a blessing in different ways. She’s been a blessing to her colleagues there in Korea while still being a blessing to her family here in the Philippines. We might not have regular updates with one another but whenever she’s updating, you know that you will be blessed. Having Franz in my line-up always made me ask my new teammates not to vote or appoint someone to the secretary position because I always reserved it to the world’s greatest and that is Franz.


Ryzthiene C. Callanga broke the record after five (5) years. The secretary position that’s always reserve for Franz needs to be filled-up with someone else because the WGS is already based in Korea. Franz is still my personal secretary but when Team BHK2k14 needed a Secretary, Thiene was the one chosen to fill in the need. Actually, there is an alternate secretary that I have found earlier in 2013 but she’s already busy in reaching the campus in a full time basis. Then, Thiene came into the picture and I have found her so friendly. She might be talking a lot but all those talks are with sense and full of quality. Every time she speaks, you will just look at her because she’s just beautiful inside and out – you can listen to her all the time because every word in all her sentences are with sense and you can learn a lot from those. Ryzthiene might not be the traditional secretary that you will see but her role speaks more than that. This woman loves her family and friends so much that she’s willing to protect them in the best way she can. She’s an asset that any team would never let go. Maybe that’s what the London embassy saw in her that they have given her so much favor in processing her papers. Now, that she is London, I believe more people will be attracted to join her in her passion in bringing out the truth to a lot of people.

BHK is so proud of Franz and Thiene and their accomplishments. I am hoping to listen to more of their stories in the coming days, months and years.

Fourth, Jemma-Arjay Baguio spirits…


Jemma Rhea A. San Pedro – one of the survivors of their batch during our outreach in Baguio City National High School (BCNHS) in the middle of 2000-2010 eras. She was just a shy-type teenager by then with eyes that always “sweat.” I won’t forget the time when I prayed for her and another friend of ours inside our center at CAP Building. The moment I ended the was also the time that I have opened my eyes and I saw tears fell from their eyes going to their cheeks. During that time, I did not saw tears but I saw people (especially the youth) in every tear drop from their twinkling eyes. I also felt the fire burning in her heart and I said that this lady will go greater things in her generation. I have seen her growth from glory to glory. She became part of the music team, felt in love with prayer and a true worshiper of JESUS. When I have entrusted her my “savings” before, she really acted as if she’s a bank and she did it professionally – even it’s just like a game for both of us yet she made it excellent. She didn’t treat that as a game but she treated it well and truly she can be trusted with little or even much. Now, she’s planning to go on to become a full time campus missionary (she’s actually doing it already, just need to go to school next year) soon. She was even part of the 10 days missions’ trip and I believe that was not the last time. I have seen a lot of tears from her eyes throughout the years and those tears were not in vain. Before, Jemma was the future, then she waited (while crying beautifully) at this present times to train the next generation that will be better than their batch. Jemma is really one of the greatest women that will ever live in her generation and in this present times and I believe she is also envisioning a better future coming and she will be part of the generation that will help the next eras to experience the greatness of GOD in their lives.


Arjay M. Padsuyan – a man on the process of explosion. The clock is ticking and just a few weeks to go; this man is ready to explode like a bomb in making disciples. He’s also a product of BCNHS and a shy-type individual. I started spending time with this guy in the last quarter of 2013 and this time I am spending more time with him every Thursday. The fact that he’s a native-born Cordilleran and I am an “adopted son” of the city/province might the reason on why we get along easily. We had a moment that I will never forget – the time when we decided to walk going home, then a stray dog followed us wherever we go until we rode tricycle already. When I arrived home, I still have a little chat with Arjay through text and from that moment, I decided to spend more time with him. Time passed by and the Arjay that I am planning to train showed that he can already lead so I didn’t let the opportunity passes by. He might not be leading with a lot of confidence yet but I can see in his eyes and feel in my heart that he’s so genuine in sharing the WORD. I have seen how he studied very well his material that made him a great leader and most importantly, he’s so Cristo-centric. I believe so much in this guy. There are so many potentials that need to be unleashed in him. I chose you to be the Team BHK2k14 Treasurer as there’s so much treasure inside you that are needed to be dig so we could share it with others.

In my 11 years stay in Baguio City, I have seen the timidity and humility of the Cordillerans but when you unleash their potentials, the will be the best in the world. Jemma and Arjay, BHK is so excited on what GOD is about to do in your lives.

Fifth, RJD-Gian explosion…


Raymound Joseph G. Dimapasok – I met this guy in our Alma Mater, University of Baguio. Actually, I first met him in church but the friendship that we have started in our campus. The moment I saw this guy, I am already thinking of passing the leadership baton (of ENCM-UB) unto him. He was just a thin guy back then but his height was really might already. All tall as he is, I believe that he will bring the team to greater a height that’s why I always put him in my “draft” list. There were ups and downs in his journey and there was also a time that we have lost our communication to one another but how can I give up on a guy that has so much potential, not just potentials but A-plus (A+) potentials. I always believe that this guy will do mighty acts greater than what our generation did and truly he did so. RJD’s dramatic return made a major run like in a basketball game – he just shrugged off the technical fouls slapped on him, played through injuries and finished the game strong. This former “rookie of the year” awardee is now on his MVP form making another run to reach the highest prize. There might be obstacles on his new journey but he will just jump through those humps. This former 10-day missioner just fulfilled one of his dreams of becoming a businessman when he put one up last year and right now he is just wants to continue to be the best at his turf while doing what GOD wants him to do. Before, he was just one of the crowds being reached out but right now, he is one of those people reaching out for the greater glory of our GOD.


Gian Carlo R. Bancel – I’ve met this guy in 2013 during our Victory Group in Café la Tea. It was the first time I saw this guy but we have exchanged text messages before he finally joined our group. Last year, I was just sending series of text messages to the people in my phone book, and then this guy replied a “thank you” message for always texting him encouraging words from the Scriptures. He don’t usually text back every time I send him text messages but there was an instance that he already decided to join us after exchanging “how-are-you?” stuff for several weeks. It was on the 14th of August 2013. Since that time, he never looked and shrinks back. He even joined the Victory Weekend on November 22-23, 2013. The experience made him a guy who boldly tell the goodness of God in his life and proclaim the wonders of God. He is now a free man like what the Scripture says in John 8:36 “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” Yes, total freedom has come to this guy and he will not hide that to himself. He is now willing to share to his love ones and colleagues the freedom he experienced. He also wants his family, friends and co-workers to experience the freedom just received. Right now, Gian might be facing a lot but his faith in GOD will never be blown away. You were chosen to be the Auditor of Team BHK2k14 because of the nature of your work and the potential that you have in handling the talents and blessings that GOD is pouring out.

RJD and Gian, BHK is so proud of you. I am looking forward for more growth and maturity, and I am excited on what GOD has in store for both of you.

Sixth, Franz-Leu stature…

I already talked about Franz when I did the “Franz-Ryzthiene blazing passion” so let us now directly talk about Leu.


Leunice Ruth V. Dela Cruz – I have seen lots of potential in this lady. This woman is a shy-type of leader with great conviction. She also has a high stature level. In my first meeting with this beautiful teenager at CLSU (Central Luzon State University), I already saw her pure heart and great potential. She’s been doing a lot of task assigned to her but more importantly, she’s performing way beyond expectation. I didn’t try to bother her that much during that time because she’s studying and I am about to go somewhere else but the with the great potentials that she’s carrying, I believe that there would come a time that I can maximize those so and wont vanished. Leu was actually a member of the “I Love BHK Fans Club” on facebook. After four years of knowing this young lady, I can still see the spark in her potentials so I grabbed the opportunity to tap some of those. I asked her to be part of Team BHK2k14 and without any hesitations, she said “yes” right away. I am so blessed to have Leu as the 6th Personnel of the team.

BHK is so excited to see Leu make an impact to her family, classmates, teachers, friends, and strangers and to all the people she will meet in the future. I also believe that she is doing it already to some.

Seventh, Angie-Tinapot simplicity…


Ma. Angelica Magbual G. MagbualAngie and I met at Starbucks of SM City Baguio. We were both silent-type of persons when we do not really know the person yet (that’s exactly what happened in our first meet). After the initial meet, we went out together more often with some of our common friends, then we started exchanging text messages until we worked together as one unit. She became part of the Ushering Ministry where my heart truly belongs. She also helped brought out once again my love for arts and media. We even produced the 2nd part of the so called “eggn0gg’s dokyu.” More than the productions, Angie and I become close friends and we have exchanged a lot of stuff including the stories of our lives. I will never ever forget her sweetness and genuine care. She would always tell me to take good care of my body. There was a time that she’s not around when I’m sick but she still managed to send me some fruits. Angie always gave me a treat at Siomai House (our favorite hang-out place). I also missed cooking for her, training her in our production and spending quality and quantity time with her. The last time I saw my “Production Nurse” was on July 25, 2010.


Maria Christina S. Agustin – she was also a former USHER who was under my leadership group during her stay in the ministry but she didn’t stay long as early promotion has come to her. She received that promotion because of her A-plus (A+) effort in what she’s doing. In her new ministry, she practiced right away her administrative skills. She might now be that long under my turf but seeing grow maturely in the other ministry was a great honor for me. Tina/Pot’s growth never stops until today and she will continue to bring out her best in very situation. She might be transferred to another team but our friendship remains. After separating ways in a team game, I have been thinking of spending time with her, have a little talk and inspire her to do what’s best for “business.” Finally, on December 3, 2013, the much awaited “date” happened and it seems like we will never ran out of words during that time. Thankfully, we need to go home so we have to stop talking for a while and wait for another opportunity to meet gain. It’s ironic that my re-union with Tinapot happened in Starbucks – a name of a place where I met Angie. I met Tinapot again on January 5 at MOA Arena and I haven’t seen him for a while already. I hope to meet her again soon and exchange more encouragements again.

BHK is so proud of Angie and Tinapot. I always believe that this two greats will always be A+ players.


I am looking forward for greater times with all of you =)


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