BHKJOURNAL_2014_0011: Eating the Fruit of Your Labor…

I was just thinking of writing another blog again but one of the worst things that can happen to a writer has come to me also – it’s the time when you want to write but you do not know what will be your topic is. But thank GOD that there is always a rainbow after the rain. Let me start with the BIR stuff. I went to BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) for the very first time and when I went out I said to myself, “when I become a politician, one of the bills that I will pass is this: NO TO SIMANGOT (FROWNING) FACES IN THE GOVERNMENT!” I went out from their office, and then walked through the mall to check some books at National Book Store. While checking out the new books, I see a familiar face that I haven’t seen for six (6) years already and she was one of my few chosen hand-picks Service Coordinator in Baguio. Yes, she is Christie Ann Pascua. She was part of the first batch and she’s one of the best. I never thought that I will see her in that unusual moment.


What is the connection of BIR to Christie? BIR gave me a frown but Christie gives you one of the best and genuine smiles. The next day, I went to Mercury Drug just to buy a Gatorade. I was not supposed to do that but I felt like that I need a Gatorade and when I am about to return to the office, I realized why I bought that Gatorade. The LORD let me buy it because on my way back to the office, I saw at the other side of the road a man that I haven’t seen for almost a decade already. The man I am talking about is Henry Dancel.


Henry was one of the students we are training before at University of Baguio. He is still sweet and caring and he’s now working in their business still with passion and enthusiasm. The energetic Henry whom I worked with in the stage to perform and minister is still the Henry with the same passion. Nice to see him again and in the near future, we will be together again over a cup of coffee (though I don’t usually drink it) or with a meal. Another day passed by, I was looking at my blogs here at and thinking of a stuff to blog about. I was also thinking if I will meet another person and to my surprise, I met another one – not in person but in Few days ago, I suddenly saw Rona Eugenio’s post a picture with a lady and she said there: “I thought I was meeting her for the first time but she said I was one of her teachers in Kids Church when she’s in Baguio. Now she’s one of the Campus Ministers in Victory Sta.Rosa Amazing!! Shout out to all the Kids Church Volunteers out there! You guys are making a difference! #‎AmzingGod ‪#‎Nextgeneration


In that status, Rona’s talking about a lady named Fiona. I was happy for Rona and the message that she shared. I even thought that Teacher Rona’s labor is not in vain. Then, suddenly a woman named Fiona Jonie S. Aguilar on facebook added me to be her friend and gave me a message. At first I was thinking, “Who’s this?” Then, my senses came back; she was also my student in KIDS Church Baguio before. We exchanged updates from one another through fb and text messages and we talked about how amazing GOD is. I was really amazed that the last time I talked to this lady; she was still below 10 years of age. I was amazed that the last time I talked to her I am using kiddie illustrations, play and run with them and sometimes I used to see her snobbish look (just the looks as she said hehehe) but after more than a decade, I am now talking to a mature Fiona who’s answering the call of GOD in her life. I am also amazed that she still remembers all of her teachers when she was in KIDS Church Baguio. She even remembers that she also saw me in the building where her mom had a clinic before. It was also a place where I relaxed most of the times. She even remembered my snobbish looks (just the looks again) and told me, I was like saying “Who’s this child? I’m annoyed. Hahaha” Then, more stories were exchanged and the most amazing word that I heard from her was this: “You are now eating the fruits of your labor Kuya!” Right now, I am still amazed! I was amazed also about the calling of GOD in her life. I won’t put it here but that calling is tough. And she received that assignment when she was still 7 or 8 years old. As I end, I just want to say something to all the KIDS CHURCH Teachers out there: YOUR LABOR IS NOT IN VAIN AND YOU WILL EAT THE FRUITS OF YOUR LABOR ONE DAY!

 KIDS Teachers

Those KIDS you are running after at KIDS CHURCH are the FUTURE of this LAND! GOD will do greater things.   A big toast to you KIDS Church Teachers!  


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