BHKJOURNAL_2014_0009: Marea Franchezka Yuhan…



M-iss cutie, that’s how I called this beautiful lady
A-dorable gift given very timely by the Almighty;
R-isking asking a lot about her was never a waste
E-xperiences that she got were even shared like a paste;
A-n inspiration to a lot of guys but for me she’s a princess never in disguise.

F-riendliness in her might be misunderstood by many
R-eason is that she gives sweetness to each one equally;
A-nxiety might stop her but she fights through it for the sake of many,
N-oble act made by this lovely woman that loves her family.
C-heerful in the simplest or corniest joke you crack
“H-alakhak” most of the time is the one that she will give back.
E-xcellent in everything that she does especially in her dream chasing,
Z-ealousness in reaching those goals helps her continue running.
K-een in finishing all the tasks given her
A-ll people around the corner give great salute and cheers.

Y-outhful energy might be lacking because of some injuries
U-nfortunately for those sicknesses, Marea is a fighter that doesn’t want bed rest.
H-appiness is the thing she brings in their family and she hopes for joy in the future one,
A-nother chapter has come and more to come in the life of Marea Franchezka Yuhan.
N-ow, no one can make her heart beats so lovingly than the hand of the heaven’s Chosen One.


Libert A. Ong
Brave Hear Kid (BHK)
July 16, 2014 (12:03 PM – 1:03 PM)
•    Made in sickbed


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