BHKJOURNAL_2014_0008: Training the Next Generation…

BHK Quotes Next Generation

Do you always feel tired and weary? I think every person especially those who are aging (just like you and me hehe) always experienced being tired and weary from time to time. Is there any antidote to the aforementioned feeling? Definitely there is and each of us has one. As for me, it’s about envisioning the future while training the next generation. How about you?


Every time I feel tired and weary, I always do something like eating an ice cream or the food that I crave, playing basketball ball even through electronic games only, write on my journal or wherever and a lot more. All of these give me some kind of energy booster but nothing beats the ignition every moment the next generation flashes in my mind. The next generation always renews the passion in my heart and the vision that I have for them.


At this point, I just want to thank those people who go into the campuses just to reach out the next generation so that the future will not be a rubbish one but a successful batch who will also be qualified to lead others. These so-called “campus missionaries” have sacrificed a lot just to bring out the best in the next generation and disciple them to live a life of L.I.F.E. – Leadership, Integrity, Faith & Excellence.


I am so proud of these guys who never fail to do the mission assigned to them especially the task that the LORD has given. So if you see one of these guys, don’t forget to give them a “tap in the back” because sometimes that’s all they need to be refreshed and continue running the race. Don’t also forget to tell your gratitude to them because they help your children, brothers, sisters, colleagues and friends to know their purpose in this life. They gave up their professional dreams to fulfill the call that not everyone of us can answer.


To all the campus missionaries, in behalf of the people you have touched, I just want to say thank you for everything. Words are not enough to say our gratitude to all of you.


Thank you for doing the task that some of us can’t do because of particular reasons. All of you are great blessings to the community and in every unit of the society. Again, thank you so much!


Lastly, I just want to leave this quote from the Brave Heart Kid (ako din yun ‘di ba? Hehe), “Thinking of training the next generation strengthens your aging body to renew its physical energy.”BHK Quotes Energy


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