CLMA Lakbay-Aral Experience

– Libert Ong (BHK) –

March 12, 2014 (Wed)

1:59 AM – 2: 21 AM


C – abanatueños and Novo Ecijanos went to a tour

L – earned a lot from our kababayan’s history flavor;

M – alacañan or Malacañang is now clear to us all

A – s questions were answered without a fall.


L – egislative shows some unity and parity,
A – nxiety sometimes happens in clash of two parties;
K – een on every detail of the resolution
B – ecomes a barometer to the execution.
A – n unexpected thing happens in the city of Manila
Y – outhful dreams have become a thrilla,


A – s every participant experienced a warm fella…
R – epublic’s former president made a real “kuwela.”
A – nd amidst the all the south trouble in our nation
L – eaders of military assured as a safe bubble as they fulfill their mission.



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