Weather You Like the Weather…

Libert Ong (Brave Heart Kid)

– March 7, 2014 –

The heat of summer might be on its way

But the weather still brings the winter ray;

Emotions go up and down

Like the blow of wind Amihan.

Friends are forever and always true

But the moonlight says another clue;

You can’t distinguish anymore

The fake or the real core.

Best in the world they see a lot

But do they see what’s inside the pot?

The fakes can only see the facade

But the reals know the inner part.

Regrets are not allowed in the vocabulary

An approach can’t be done by many;

They only look at all the negativity

Though there’s a light unto eternity.

The weather might not be fine always

But new hope is available in 365 days;

Bitterness must not have room for all

Whether winter, spring, summer or fall.

Each day, the weather change

Sometimes, in just a minute rage

But instead of being moody at all cost,

Look upon the One who died on the cross.

Now, what is your chosen weather?

Summer, that’s full of light and laughter?

Or rainy days, full of emotion?

As for me, I’ll choose the One who gives salvation.


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