The two greatest words in sports: GAME 7! What a way to see it through a Manila Clasico series which most of the fans enjoyed especially the crucial stretch of the battle between 5th seeded San Mig Super Coffee Mixers against the 1st seeded Barangay Ginebra San Miguel.

Last night, the much awaited GAME 7 of the series has come but the result has stunned many of the PBA fanatics as the lower seeded team showed a total domination of the game.

Now, let me give some points on why that blow-out happened.

BHK Assessment of the San Mig Super Coffee Mixers victory:

1)      HEART

  • San Mig players and even the fans inherited the heart of “The Captain” Alvin Patrimonio – a heart of a champion.
  • Ginebra players, coaches, management and fans might have a NEVER SAY DIE attitude but the San Mig Super Coffee Mixers and the whole San Mig planet have a NEVER GIVE UP where they believe that even the IMPOSSIBLE can happen. One example is that they started from a 1-5 record, then end 2-013 with 3-7 report but finished the eliminations with 7-7 record and after that, they dispatched the AFC defending champions (Talk ‘N Text) during their Best-of-3 Quarter Finals series.
  • Ginebra’s young heart might lead to their downfall. Some of their players only played their 1st ever Game 7 and that might be a cause of “butterfly” stomachs which rattled them during the crucial game.

2)      GAMEPLAN

  • Triangle offense of San Mig against a “kind of a weak” system of Brgy. Ginebra.
  • The systematic approach of Coach Tim Cone and team leads to multiple backdoor plays resulting in easy baskets and wide open 3-point areas.
  • Ginebra loves to play run and gun but against a defense-oriented team with a great offensive prowess, a lack of system and strategies from the coaches led to their downfall in Game 7.

3)      POISE

  • There were a lot of times that Ginebra tried to bounce back but the poise of a championship and more experienced team just shrugged it off.
  • There were also times that Ginebra tried to bully   with their physicality especially with the presence of Billy Mamaril and Chris Ellis but San Mig players just walk away as a response – great championship poise.
  • Ginebra also tends to celebrate early after a basket or a shot block made even if they were still the ones trailing. San Mig responded by taking advantage of the opportunity – instead of reacting to the opponents’ celebration, they just fired an early offense that disrupts Ginebra’s defensive strategy.

4)      PLAYERS

  • Veterans were expected to show their guts and pride in Game 7 and that saying remains true at Mark Caguioa and James Yap led their respective teams.
  • Mark Caguioa might have a great game but support from his teammates were obviously lacking.
  • On the other hand, James Yap scored his conference high 30 points bannered by 7/10 3-point shooting (24 points in the first half of play) but unlike Caguioa, Yap has received a lot of support from his teammates like Peter June Simon who also made a conference high 28 points with 11 of 15 from the field. Rafi Reavis also made a conference high of 15 points, the same number of points that 2nd overall pick rookie Ian Sangalang who showed great poise despite picking-up 5 personal fouls. His poised erased the efforts of the number one overall pick, Greg Slaughter.
  • Jean Marc Pingris also helped James by playing all heart! He might not scored too much but he dished out 7 assists (3 away shy of Mark Barroca’s dimes), do power rebounds and swatted 4 shots.
  • Alex Mallari also played quality minutes in the game covering up the lack of x-factor stuff that Justin Melton brings in the game.

5)      HUMILITY

  • Some of the Ginebra players tend to celebrate early and savor the moment maybe to boost the moral of their fans and get into the heads of the Mixers.
  • In return, San Mig did not do the same but they just played all heart and never even do pre-mature celebration. They were so focus in the game. They let their games boast for them.
  • This is a stuff that they also inherited from “The Captain.”

Now, it’s time for another battle against Rain or Shine in the FINALS.


Let us continue to support them, remain on the grounds (be humble) and never forget to bring back the glory to GOD! =)








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