This is my first blog about basketball after the 7th Game of the last Governor’s Cup.

Now, we are about to witness another GAME 7 in the PBA and how great it is to know that it will be a Manila Clasico! A winner takes all between the rivals yet sister teams San Mig Super Coffee Mixers and Barangay Ginebra San Miguel.

pba barangay-ginebra-vs-san-mig-mixers-semis-20142701 line up

Let us first look at the WIN-LOSS Column after the Eliminations…

1 Ginebra        –           11 wins            3 losses            Rank # 1          Win (Opening Day)

5 San Mig       –            7 wins            7 losses            Rank # 5          Win (Opening 2014)

Then, the Quarter Finals result…

1 Ginebra (twice to beat) vs 8 Alaska                                    –           Ginebra wins 1-1

4 Talk ‘N Text vs 5 San Mig (best of 3 series)                        –           San Mig wins 2-1

Now, let’s take a look at the SEMIS (Best of 7 Series)

1 Ginebra        –           Games             2, 4, 6

5 San Mig       –           Games             1, 3, 5

WIN-LOSS record against each other this conference (4 – 4)

The series is so exciting as almost every game were just decided by not more than 3 points (except in Games 2 and 3) and it should be a DELIGHT to the FANS watching LIVE and at HOME.

BUT (Yes! It’s a BIG BUT!)! The FANS are more DISAPPOINTED than being DELIGHT!

Why is that?

Some of the FANS reasons:

1)      Referees are controlling the game

2)      The commissioner and the whole PBA crew want to earn that’s why they want to make this “Manila Clasico” end in Game7. As we all know that San Mig and Ginebra are the TOP 2 teams when it comes to the number of fans supporting them.

3)      Because they are sister teams, there are rumours that they are giving each other until GAME 7 comes.

4)      Another rumour is that San Miguel Corporation will let Ginebra win because of two reasons:

a)      They haven’t been champ for the past 6 years

b)      San Mig team is having a hard time against the 1st Finalist (Rain or Shine)

c)      Ginebra is the “contra-pelo” of Rain or Shine so it will be easier for the San Miguel Corporation to bag another trophy under their umbrella.

5)      There are more reasons and rumours that I can site but I will stop with this.

I AM DISAPPOINTED TOO! I am disappointed but not with the following reasons that I have mentioned earlier!

I am DISAPPOINTED because of these reasons:

1)      FANS start to GRUMBLE! I am a Purefoods/B-Meg/San Mig fan since 1988 and I have known the fans as HUMBLE beings not GRUMBLING seedlings. Purefoods/B-Meg/San Mig fans know how to accept defeat no matter how it was given.

“Humble in defeat, grateful in victory!”

2)      Another thing is that I RARELY FIND the HEART of a champion with a competitive spirit to a PLAYER nowadays. Thanks be to God for Jean Marc Pingris who showed a lot passion for the game. I can see a glimpse of “The Captain Lion Heart” Alvin Patrimonio in this man.

3)      One mores DISAPPOINTMENT Stuff is that some of the FANS blame the PLAYERS for the LOSS and forgot the GOOD MEMORIES they brought to the team.

4)      Lastly, I am DISAPPOINTED with myself because I came to a point that I also GRUMBLE, I also CAN’T ACCEPT DEFEAT at times, I BLAME some PLAYERS and forgot the basketball spirit that brings out the PASSIONATE HEART of ours. Instead of being an INSPIRATION (as a basketball player/coach/guru for 26 years), I also become a clanging cymbal with my FRUSTRATIONS!

Reviewing the GAME 6 of the SERIES, there are more speculations that I have seen and heard but I choose to accept the DEFEAT, then PRAY and CHEER for my FAVORITE TEAM this coming GAME 7.

Yesterday, we see someone blog about LA Tenorio. I might do the same thing but it does not matter. Our team NEEDS us!

1)      LA Tenorio bounced back last night because he was still supported by his followers. Despite of his “boo-boos” in Game 5, he still received a lot of encouragement. I BELIEVE, WE HAVE TO DO THE SAME for our team! Our coaches and players might have a lot of MISTAKES but how can they afford to LOSE GAME 7 if we are supporting them all the way?

2)      Barangay Ginebra San Miguel needed an inspirational talk from the “Living Legend” Robert Sonny Jaworski just to outcoach the team of Coach Earl Timothy “Tim” Cone, “The Flying A” Johnny Abbarientos, “The Jet” Jeffrey Cariaso and Olsen “Ra-Ra” Racela. Why? Because they are the more experienced and poised coach than the tandem of Renato “Ato” Agustin, Alfranchis “Chualay” Chua, George Gallent and Art Dela Cruz. Do we now need to call “The Maestro” Virgilio “Baby” Dalupan to give also an inspirational talk to the team? I believe, no need for that because the baton has already been passed on to Coach Tim Cone (who is about to overtake his championship record).

3)      It’s all about HEART! Last conference, there were hearsays that Petron will win Game 7 because they haven’t win a championship for quite a while so their sister team San Mig Coffee Mixers will give way. We also hear that in this conference as the most popular team Ginebra had no championship yet in the past six years. BUT what happened in that series between San Mig and Petron? The “Pinoy Sakuragi” Jean Marc Pingris rose to the occasion and take the matters in his own hand, showed a lot of heart and help bring out the HEART and PASSION for BASKETBALL among the Filipinos. I believe he will do it again together with the big heart of their LITTLE GUYS with big HEART – Mark Andy Barroca and Justin Melton. They will overcome ALL ODDS because of their HEART!

4)      Best WEAPON: PRAYER! Let the will of GOD PREVAILS. No matter how great “EVIL” tactics can be made, still the LORD purpose will prevail.

As the Scripture says in Proverbs 19:21

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.

As I end this long blog, let me show you this statistics of San Mig Coffee Mixers:

A)     1 – 3 W-L record to start the conference

B)     3 – 7 W-L record when 2013 ends

C)     7 – 7 W-L record after the Eliminations (4 game win steak)

D)     2 – 1 W-L record in the Quarter Finals (won 6 of their last 7 games)

E)      3 – 3 W-L record in the SEMIS (Game 7 will be played on Wednesday, February 12, 2014)

Now, are you questioning the HEART of a CHAMPION? Will they just let the OPPORTUNITY slip away? Will that climb from the foot of a mountain be stop in the middle of it?

I don’t know for you but as for me, I TRUST my TEAM! I TRUST their HEART! I BELIEVE in them and I WILL SUPPORT THEM! WIN or LOSE, I will be in my team’s corner and I will accept the LORD’s verdict for tonight! If we (SAN MIG) win, then I will CELEBRATE… If we lose, I will shake the hands of GINEBRA faithful! Bring out the SPORTMANSHIP SPIRIT!


When we win, we praise HIM; when we lose, we praise HIM!








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