BHKJOURNAL_2013_0004: Happy 20th Birthday Yahyen…

I came to know this teenager around 2008-2009 when she was still a high school student.

YahyenYears passed by, the teenager that I’ve known as a “follow-up” or disciple of my tag team partner in Legally eXtreme (LX), a simple leader of their batch and a known intelligent high school student with great innovative ideas in her mind… has now become a lady. In fact she’s celebrating her 20th year of existence on earth today =)

During her high school days, I have heard about her talents and I have seen a lot of potential in this kid without me seeing one of her talents yet but with the “director’s instinct” running over me that time, I decided right away to call her as BHK’s Talent.” I have trained other actors on stage/theater and some others I have trained with other stuff but seeing the potential in this kid that I know will eventually turn into a lady, I have given her the title (BHK’s Talent) that I haven’t given to anyone else yet until she came to the picture (take note: I have never seen any of her talent yet but she’s already the “appointed one”).

Then, there were “silent years” in my partnership with my talent but just 15 days ago, we were re-united over a cup of coffee, a pink notebook (please support Susan G. Komen – Rise Above Cancer endeavor.. check for more details), an assignment and a doughnut.

After that, we exchange a series of text messages to cope with “silent years” that we have and revive the “Director-Talent partnership” that we have years back. We shared a lot of similarities and a little of dissimilarities. The Director and the Talent have formed a formidable team that will surely make an impact in this world.

So, Yahyen, thank you very much for the friendship, partnership, sharing (some journal, basketball things, acting, adventure, tour, journey, family and a lot more) and for all the time spent. I am still looking forward in doing a major project with you. I do not know yet when but surely,  I will maximize that talent of yours in that project! =)


Thank you also for being part of the team who are preparing students for L.I.F.E. (Leadership, Integrity, Faith and Excellence)!

Just continue to honor God and make disciples.


Marieyah Rovienne A. Laconsay… HAPPY HAPPY 20th BIRHTDAY! =)


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