BHKJOURNAL_2013_0003: Blue Box Society (BBS) @ 10…


Decade ago, a group of friends walk together in the vicinity of Camp John Hay, Baguio City and formed one of the most formidable friendships in town.

The Palindromes (Jherriel, Tpen, Toper), Kosa (Jhen, Aygee, TiNTiN) and 3 different individuals from UB (Libert, Mark, Razam) joined forces to make this friendship possible.

John Kristoffer C. Palma (2pe/Toper) was responsible in forming the group and in giving a lot of concepts and spices to the team including the “time capsule” thing that leads to named the group as the “BLUE BOX SOCIETY” – derived from the airplane’s black box and the favorite color of the team.

Guys, if I am not mistaken, it’s time for me to greet you HAPPY 10TH year ANNIVERSARY BBS! =)

We might not be spending time that much anymore like years ago as we have separate lives already but the friendship will remain forever.

As we celebrate 10 years of friendship, let me offer this blog as a simple gratitude to all of you…

Jhen – Thank you for being the “ate” of the team. I am so proud of what you’ve become today. I still remember your dreams when we were still younger and on how you have fulfilled some of those. The best is yet to come in your life. I am so blessed to see on how you have overcome all the obstacles that come along your way. More blessings and greater things coming in your life.

Aygee – Thank you for keeping the time capsule (where is it now?ù). Thank you for all the support you have given – from personal support in bringing out the best in me going to basketball support and to least of all support. Whenever I see you, there’s always a light mood that you brought into the table plus that genuine smile you have – your eyes are already smiling. You always bring that joy that always lighten the mood of everybody.

TiNTiN – Bunso! Thank you for all the sharing that we have including the change of roles that we do from time to time. I miss all those stuff. I also miss all the videoke days where I do not really sing (I just enjoyed watching you sing), the arcade stuff and the Chowking moments (hikabikabu?ù) plus a lot more to cherish. I even miss the mountain-trekking adventure and the “coffee moments” without coffee. I also miss the “pustahan” thing during NBA Finals and most importantly, I miss spending time with my LiT’L SiS! Raptaptap!

Jherriel – I miss our midnight talks. During those times, we’ve shared a lot of different stories – from passion to mission, dislikes to favorites and even heart issues. People around us might not know about our “coffee days” when we had a lot of talks about life and I treasured all those moments with you. Bro, continue to grow as a loving husband and father, and never let ever let go of the destiny that God has prepared for you. Injuries happen both to sports and life but those injuries can lead to a great healing process and be greater than ever.

Tpen – I have seen you transform from the comic-type of a guy to being the first one to tie knot inside the group. I miss all your unorthodox jokes that you have brought into the “tropa.” I miss hearing the sounds coming from your blessed and gifted hands whenever you strike the drums and cymbals with your drumsticks and play a beautiful music for the glory of our King.  Continue to use you life’s drumsticks in tuning up the band and always give the sweetest of all music to give Him the glory and reach out to many.

Toper (2pe) – Thank you for all the shared memories that even lead to sleepless nights at times. By the way, I don’t sleep but you do during those moments. =) Thank your for all the support you have given in many aspects of my life and for being there in fulfilling some of my dreams. I won’t forget all your help before my graduation comes. You have played a big part in reaching my most coveted “graduation ring.” Thank you for sharing your life whether it is in misery or in victory.

Razam – Thank you for the friendship. Thank you for listening to the pieces of advice we have given you. Thank you for all your stories even the “heartbreaks” that seems like you didn’t even let to suck out the life out of you. Instead, you just shrug it off and move on to fulfill your greatest dreams. Just like what our school says before, “you can be what you want to be.” God bless all your endeavors brother!

Mark (Norman – I don’t know where Janice got that name for you) – I do not know how you became part of the team but the thing is you are part of it. =) That is who you are, a person that is hard to describe but whether you know the reason or not for having you, there’s always a good feeling having you in a team. You just laugh at problems but you seriously overcome it. A lot of potential in you that is not yet unleash. Wait for it to come out because the best is yet to come.

Speaking of best… let me greet one of the greatest “tropa” I ever had a happy 10th year anniversary!

A toast to a DECADE of FRIENDSHIP!


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