BHKJOURNAL_2013_0002: INVADERS Publication @ 11…

It has been half a year already since I made my last blog.

It seems like my blogging went to the grave together with my friend (whom I considered a mother figure to me) the last time a blog.

This is now the best time to let my blogging to resurrect and be alive again. It’s time for this “notebook” to share some writings to give HIM glory.

What a way to write again in celebrating the formation or invention of the INVADERS Publication 11 years ago. =)

It was a personalized magazine made for Madz as a birthday gift. Lowell and I made the articles and put some other collections.

Then, the 2nd issue was made on October 20, 2012 and was given to Marian Grace Pineda. Lowell and Madz helped me to finish the 2nd hand-made magazine and the INVADERS Publication has come alive and became a team.

As we celebrate the 11th year of the INVADERS Publication (though it’s not active anymore but planning to make it active again), let me greet some people who are celebrating their birthdays today.

Happy-happy birthday to…

  • Ma. Bernadette Franco-Arias (one of my INVADERS Publication partners)
  • Jesse G. Navarro (my superpare)
  • Romy L. Patingan (one of my mentors and a former INVADER of the year awardee)
  • Glenn Dale I. Pernes (one of my book’s editors)
  • Louisa Limgenco (one of my partners in the USHERING Ministry before
  • Karen D. Kelly (one of my co-host in Victory Baguio Volunteers’ Appreciation Night 2009)
  • Ma. Geraldine Garcia (one of my partners in reaching out University of Baguio)
  • Alvin Sabido (one of the partners in honoring God and making disciples)

INVADERS Publication (since 2002)… Writing for HIS glory! =)

invaders2013*special thanks to Welborne Laguinday (happy birthday – September 4) for making the logo


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