BHKJOURNAL_2013_0001: When It Hurts Unexpectedly…

What a way to start writing a blog this year…

I wrote the poem on February 17, 2013. A day after the death of one friend (she was a family friend and very close to my heart and had been a mother figure to me in the past three years).

As she passed away in an unexpected time and manner, I have manage to write this poem during her wake and when the Lord’s comfort just came on time.

So here it is…


Memories flashing back left and right
They make me feel a bit all right
But still they hurt from within
As the realities start to sink in.

Happy moments playing in my mind
But some pain also starts to grind.
Shrug it off I say to myself,
It helps a little to get out of the hurt shell.

All these are playing in my memory
But I should face the reality.
Hurt and pain make me look like crazy
I do not know how to act properly.

Then a comfort came like a flood
He said, “Be still and know that I am God.”
I realized he is in control of everything
Smile and comfort, He genuinely bring.

08:20 PM

After writing this poem, I still can not understand all those things but I have learned to trust GOD in everything! =)


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