BHKJOURNAL_2012_0014: The Power of Intercession…

Last week, I was sent by our school (Global Kids Montessori of Nueva Ecija Incorporated) to a two-day training for Video Editing and Production.

I am a Mass Communication graduate so I had a little background already on what the workshop would give to us but I was so blessed and humbled when I learned more during the workshop.

I was so blessed because the main speaker was my former English teacher during my high school days. He gave me a little favor by letting me leave the desktop computer that I brought in his office. I am the only one who brought that kind of computer because the other 66 participants brought their laptops.

I was humbled and I asked GOD to help me bring home an award after the workshop so that the fact that I am the only one who brought a desktop computer will be covered by the glorious award to be received.

I asked prayers from chosen friends during the night so that no expectations will be given to me but still I put pressure on myself to give my best shot and bring home one of the prize.

During the awarding ceremony, I was chilling because of the cold air conditioning and heavy rain plus I am nervous because I thought I would not receive an award anymore until my name was called. I was hesitant at first but when the name of our school was called, my eyes got teary because it was my 1st time to brought home an award for the school I am representing.

Then, I remembered my friends who prayed for me and I can wait to tell them that I’ve won not because I have an advantage for being a Mass Comm graduate but because there were people who interceded for me. Thank you very much guys!

I am proud not because I won the award but I am proud because GOD has shown his power through these mighty intercessors/friends that I have.

To GOD be the glory!

Now, I want to share the video clip that we (GKM Family) have won!

**Kelangan pang linisin ang ilang parte para mas pulido ang gawa natin next time =)

Here’s the rough video:


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