BHKJOURNAL_2012_0011: Global Kids Montessori Conducts Parent’s Orientation in NE Mall…

Cabanatuan City – More or less 150 parents and guardians attended the Parent’s Orientation of Global Kids Montessori of Nueva Ecija Incorporated School year 2012-2013 held at the 3rd floor of NE Mall yesterday (June 11, 2012) from 9:00 to 11:00 in the morning and from 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon.

The event started with the invocation led by Filipino teacher, Aileen Reyes that was followed by the singing the Philippine national anthem with new Science teacher Ronalyn Morales leading the parents using the 2/2 beat.

In the morning, the Pre-School teachers led the attendees in a warm dance using nursery songs “Wind the Bobbin Up” and the children’s favorite, “Chicken Dance.” The “Chicken Dance” made the parents at ease during the event and it also became their favorite too. The Board of Directors of the school also joined the warm-up dance and enjoyed it.

Events host Libert Ong formally welcomed everyone to the event and introduced the teachers of the school year 2012-2013 from the pre-school department to the elementary level. He also introduced the members of the administrative staff and Board of Directors of the company. While they’re coming up on stage, the song “We are One” by 12 stones was playing in the background that symbolized their unity as a team.

The pre-school department teachers are Ann Kathrine Tagaza and Sally Friginal who are going to serve as Nursery advisers and will be assisted by Imelda Eduarte, Cristina Eclevia will once again handle the Kinder level and will be assisted by Marina dela Cruz, then the Preparatory level will be handled by newly-wed Rochelle Sta. Ana-Balajonda who will be assisted by Miafe Alcantara.

Elementary teachers will be composed of Rio Sebastian (Grade 1 AM adviser), Rebecca Ordonio (Grade 1 PM adviser), Ronalyn Morales (Grade 2 AM adviser), Sally Friginal (Grade 2 PM adviser), Maricel Eugenio (Grade 3 adviser), Aileen Reyes (Grade 4 adviser), Kristine Mendoza (Grade 5 adviser) and Libert Ong (Grade 6 adviser). Another elementary teacher is Paul Kenneth Matias (English 3-6) who was just newly married to the former adviser of Nursery, Manilyn Cawagas.

The administrative staff are Ferdinand Peralta (Maintenance), Maria Fe Tesoro (Bookkeeper), Aireen Trinidad (Cashier) and Rosalie Betuing (Human Resource), and the Board of Directors are Carlota Hipolito (Corporate Secretary/School Directress), Rocky Hipolito (Corporate Treasurer), Jo-Mario Angelo “Kuya Jojo” Matias (Vice President) and Vera Abrera-Borromeo (CEO/President).

After the introduction, “Kuya Jojo” shared a brief history of the company, how it started while the four of them (BOD) were sipping a cup of coffee. He also shared on how the school started with only 40 enrollees and on how it grows year after that makes it 333 as of today. He also discussed the mission/vision of the school with only lies in three important values – Leadership, Character and Excellence.

The School Directress discussed the school policies, addressed some issues and answered some questions that were boggling in the minds of the parents before the orientation started. After discussing all the rules and regulations, she asked the parents to partner with the school so they could work together smoothly all throughout the year for the betterment of the children.

She also announced the expansion of Global Kids as they also got the first floor of Insular Life building to have better facilities and will cater the needs of the children.

Corporate Treasurer, Ptr. Rocky Hipolito discussed the discounts that the children can avail if they have siblings and if they will get high honors. But what excites the parents is the new promos that includes the 2nd and 3rd honors on the discount list and the much awaited 100% discount for the pre-school valedictorian.

President and CEO Vera Borromeo in her turn, she assured the parents that their children is in good school as she shared the training that she and Ma’am Lot attended. She showed that they were part of the International Montessori Society that will give more security that Global Kids is not just an ordinary school.

Before she ends, she also honored the past officers of the Parents-Teachers Association. She also informed everyone that every parent is part of the association. Ms. Vera also made a bold statement that in Global Kids, the PTA is not just an association but it is a partnership.

In the end, there was only challenge they leave to one another – the Board of Directors, Faculty and Staff, and the Parents should work in partnership to DISCOVER each CHILD’s POTENTIAL!


**disclaimer: this is not the official newsletter of Global Kids


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