BHKJOURNAL_2012_0010: Additional Order…

June 2, 2012 – Finally, after weeks of waiting, our VICTORY GROUP is back! Not only that, we are also back at McDonald’s Sanciangco after months of waiting.

We were so blessed by the word that Ptr. Julius Co shared to us. It was a passage from 1 Timothy 4. The sharing of the word was simple but it made an impact for all of us as we realized that all of us have neglected some of the most important thing in our lives.

After the sharing, we came all convicted yet released and ready to give the additional orders in our lives – spend more time with family and give quantity and quality time for the important people and matters in our lives.

We are now re-fueled to do the progression that God wants us to have in our lives!


The story behind it:

Ptr. Julius: Ok, let’s start

*Dumating si ate at nagtanong…

Ate: Mga sir, any addtional order pa po?

MJ: (with smiling face na akala mo seryoso sa sasabihin) FRENCH FRIES (sabay tawa)!

*In short, wala talaga kaming additional order, napasaya lang ni MJ ang gabi ng bawat isa pati na ni “ate” na mukhang pagod pero napangiti! =)

Kayo? What is your additional order? =)


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