BHKJOURNAL_2012_0009: Men on Steak…

Last night, two of my high school colleagues and I met for two purposes – a mini re-union to relive our high school “barkadahan” and the other one is to talk about a future endeavor that will shake the world of bloggers.

After the re-union, I took home two things. First, I have learned that my two buddies love to cook. I also love to cook but their level in the cooking world is much advance than the one I had in hand. But it doesn’t matter! What matters to me is re-union that we have over the steak that Michael cooked. It was the best steak I’ve ever tasted in my entire life (as if I always eat steak.. hehehe). It was the best because a friend of mine cooked it and he made it the best way he can. I was forced to taste a medium rare steak for the first time and I enjoyed it!

Second thing I’ve realized was the fact that we are now talking about serious matters. Tootie and I used to stayed at Mike’s house before during our high school days and enjoyed the company together and we were just joking and playing games those day that someday we will talk about business matters. Then, last night was a dream come true for the three of us. The game like we are the “Board of Directors” or organizer of an event or business has come to reality!

After the short meeting and the reliving of the old memories, we part ways all excited for the next journey that we are about to take.

The experience lead me to write again after resting for a while in the social media world.

This time, we just don’t want to enjoy the “steak” ourselves. We want it to share in the community – specially to the community of bloggers.

So bloggers, wait for the “medium rare steak” that we are cooking and let us enjoy the “dinner” together. Please do add your “spices” to the “steak” so we could make it “WELL DONE!”


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