BHKJOURNAL_2012_0008: Balanga, Bataan Journey…

Two days ago, together with some of my colleagues at Global Kids Montessori and other members of the Cabanatuan Private School Administrators Association (CAPRISAA), we went to Balanga, Bataan for an Outbound Educational experience sponsored by Likas Kalikasan.

It was a great experience for me to be there as I put another check mark on my travel list because Bataan is one of my place-to-visit this year. I am so thankful to God as He gave me the opportunity. I also want to thank the Likas Kalikasan, CAPRISAA and GKM to make one of my dreams fulfilled this year.

When we returned home, some people were asking me on how was the experience. I only have one answer to them, “Do not ask me. Ask them. I have a bias answer because I am a nature lover and I enjoyed the experience.”

Speaking of experience, it was my first time to plant a tree (Mangrove Tree), also my first time to see how a veggie noodle is made and how to makebagoong by the used of machine (sadly we did not make it on time when they were processing the food) and it was also my first time to do rappelling. It was not my first time to do wading but it was my first time to do it with my Global Kids colleagues.

I don’t have much to say but this old line that is always heard but most forgotten to do:




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