BHKJOURNAL_2012_0006: April 13 Journey…

April 13, 2002

Together with Sherrick Sabado and Johnny Navalta Jr., we formed the underdog team (who turned to be a team full of surprises) of INVADERS. It was called as the Champions for Christ Invaders turned to be the Invaders Basketball Team after some years (that also birth the Marauders and Watchmen Basketball Team) and this year, it birthed the GKM Invaders Seniors and Juniors.

Happy 10th Anniversary INVADERS (which soon to be called BHK INVADERS)!

April 13, 2008

Together with Melissa Sial, Darryl Sirruno and John Kristoffer Palma formed a business team called E.A.S.E. We did some brownies and supposedly some other pastries but our time together only last for a while. Despite of that, I still want to say thank you for the opportunity!

April 13, 2009

Melanie Marcos and I formed one of the toughest partnership in history when we formally planned for our “Bless an orphanage project” through our team, Legally eXtreme! To Razelle Cuevas, thank you for taking good care of the funds. Someday, the LX plan will continue!

Then, last Friday (April 13, 2012)

I signed the longest contract of my life! I signed a one year deal with Global Kids Montessori… I never thought that I will ink it but thank God, He has showed me the people of GKM whom I call a family!

Speaking of Global Kids, I have a poem made especially for the company or should I say a family!

Just check it on my next blog. =)


To all who greeted me on my birthday and who celebrated with me also, THANK YOU very much! =)


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