BHKJOURNAL_2012_0002: Love Different…

Since I went back here in Cabanatuan, I struggled in loving the place again. I always wanted to go back to my official hometown of Baguio City. Being here in my birth town is just fine but being away from the mountain is too much for my heart to bear that it became BROKEN.

After a few months, my broken heart started to fix itself but after fixing itself, it became a stone heart. EMOTIONS were suppressed and any other love that come along the way were just nothing. Yes, the broken heart was fixed but fixed differently and hardly.


A heart of stone feels nothing… ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

BUT after two years of staying and assessing, the LORD change that STONE HEART to HEART of FLESH again. He made it beats once again.

Did you get it right? Will I follow my heart? How will I love differently?

One thing I know for sure, my HEART can only be RIGHT, if the ONE who wore a crown of thorns 2012 years ago is ABOVE it.

John Cena says, “RISE ABOVE HATE!”

The BRAVE HEART KID says, “The KING of kings will RISE ABOVE my HEART and HIS will is the one that will PREVAIL!”

Yes, my heart is beating once again BUT I want it to beat like the HEARTBEAT of the one true GOD!

My HEART is BEATING good but what makes it best is the “CROWN” and the “KING” above it that CONQUER the WORLD!


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