BHKJOURNAL_2012_0001: The Mountain I Called Home…


In my first blog of 2012, I just want to say what my heart, body and mind want to tell..

I miss the mountain I called home for 11 years…

I might be away from the place for almost two years already but my heart still beats and longs for it.

Yes, I am in my hometown as of now, a hometown where I was born but I am away from the place I really called home which is also the place where I am an official citizen.

Going back to my hometown was great but two years of adjustment is too much for me to bear.

I am not saying not I don’t belong here… I love my home city of Cabanatuan, I love the people and they love me too more than I love them, I love the weather and the food, and a lot of things to love here BUT there is something that’s bothering me for the past year already…

What is that?

NOTHING! I just want to go back to my real HOME…

The mountain of BAGUIO CITY!

I hope to see you soon and let’s work together once again and produce the most fruits when we’re working TOGETHER!

I love you Cabanatuan and Cabanatueños but I have to go back to my HOME...

Baguio City, I SHALL RETURN!


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