BHKJOURNAL2011_0012: Pedring makes us still and know that God is God…

It’s time to do another blog as another typhoon strikes and left the Philippine area of responsibility…

The typhoon make our place flooded for the 1st time in history (according to our neighbors).

While some of them are panicking, some taking pictures of their first time encounter and some other are trying to vacate the place to find a safer place, what we did was put some of our things on the second floor to proctect them from further damage.

What is my point here? Put all the things upstairs to be safe? NO WAY!

My point is, despite the heavy rains and flooded place, no panic or fast heartbeat that strikes me. Experiencing a lot of storms and flood in the past, there is no need to worry this time. All we have to do is be still and know that God is in control.

The point is not that we know already how to face storms and flood. Yes, we might have the edge over that but the bottom line is: Our GOD is GOD! All we have to do is be still because He is GOD and He is in control of the situation!

Let’s help our kababayans! =)

*Happy Birthday Jesse, Glenn, Madz, Lou, Romy, Karen, Alvin, Mage, Invaders Publication @ 10 =)


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