BHKJOURNAL2011_0011: Learnings from the “quarantine” period…

On the 3rd of July 2011, I went out with four of my co-teachers to have a wonderful lunch. After we ate the food with such fats on it, I said that I felt dizzy. Then, we rested for a while and planned on what’s next to do. The result – we went to the mall and once again I felt dizzy after an hour of walk.

Next thing, I went back to Victory Cabanatuan center to do some tasks. When the tasks were done, I felt dizzy one more time and they confirmed that I had a minor fever.

The next day (it was my dad’s birthday too), I saw something strange in my body – a small spot with water inside it. I don’t know what it was but my colleagues confirmed that it was a chicken pox. I never want to have the sickness in my entire life but it strikes me during the time of my longest work momentum.

The sickness took out three weeks of my outside activities that also took away some of my energy and momentum. Nevertheless, I have learned a lot from my unexpected “REST!”

What have I learned from the REST?


Most of the times, I am just doing a sacrifice because there’s a lot of NEEDS to be met and forgot what the body is telling me. Like the first time, I felt the dizziness that weakens me a little, I should have taken a REST but I chose to SACRIFICE my weakened body than REST it. The result: instead of three or 13 or 23 hours of rest, I was out cold for THREE WEEKS!

Same thing in our lives, we might be doing the tasks we are doing right now because of SACRIFICE but have we ever ask our LORD, if it is HIS will for us to do such things? Are we OBEYING or are we just SACRIFICING?

2nd – SABBATH is MADE for MAN

This is a privilege we have to take. Sometimes or most of the times, there are tons of work to do – reach out the campuses and workplaces, do worship services and disciple people, excel in the job we are in and other chores. These are great things to do, actually even better than the other things but sometimes, these things soaked into our time and we forgot take a TIME-OUT and have a HUDDLE with our COACH/MANAGER or should I say our KING (our LORD and SAVIOR). When was the last time you TAKE a BREAK and TALK with HIM in your MEETING PLACE?

There are lots to be shared but I am going to stop at the next thing I will share (Let’s just talk about the other stuff next time).

Lastly for today, my HEART says something: I am MISSING the PLACE in the next picture! And I will still RETIRE in that place.

Thank you very much everyone for all the prayers and for the concern that you have given me. I appreciate those a lot.

Finally, the Brave Heart Kid has come back and ready to give some SWEET CHIN MUSIC once again!



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