BHKJOURNAL2011_0010: I’m falling for you…

I’m falling for you
(June 3, 2011, Friday)

I see your beautiful eyes shining bright
Especially when it sparkles at night.
It shows a window of the inner you
That makes me fall for you.

I never thought of having this feeling
But whenever I’m with you there is something.
Something that makes my heart beats faster
And let my adrenalin always gets higher.

Other people might have seen it before I do
But I never entertained until my heart said so.
And since my heart says that I’m falling for you
Never a single day passed without thinking about you.

When I started thinking about this feeling
A lot of considerations that are boggling.
I even deny myself of liking someone again
But your good heart heart can’t be denied.

As I often think of you and your eyes
Opportunities come better and in bigger size.
You’re such a blessing but never in disguise.
You even inspired me to be hardworking before time expires.

Thank you very much for being my inspiration.
I am now more eager to reach my aspiration.
Thank you for also walking with me in the journey.
A journey to serve the King that will never be in jeopardy.

We have walked together hand in hand.
Now, I am dreaming of walking while holding your hands.
I want to know you more and more
And to spend my life with you forevermore.


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