BHKJOURNAL2011_0006: Happy Birthday Melai…

It has been 4 years since I’ve listed you in my friends list. 2007-2008 were the years that counted the most when it comes to our friendship.

Right now, as you celebrate another year of being born in this world, let me give you my gratitude by making this blog.


Happy Birthday!

(pasensiya, di pa ko expert sa Photoshop hehehe… walang teacher eh…)

Let me say Thank you very much! =)

Thank you for sharing your life in the past four to five years…

Thank you for being my classmate in ENLI (by the way, as of now, your diploma is with me) and supporting me as the class acting president… Thank you for sharing pasalubongs with me during those times… I already miss all those dinners and Panagbenga walks plus the class discussions…

Thank you for being my teammate (together with Jomark) when Anton as he goes to School of Ministries… There might be lots of misunderstanding in the team-up but we’ve learned and you’re not “masungit” na! hahaha Peace! =) The team started good, we struggled in the middle but in the “WrestleMania” of my Admin career, our God showed how awesome He is, He was and He will be as the main event (Anniversary) passed by smoothly… Thank you very much for being part of that team! =)

In line with that, thank you for raising leaders like Franz, Kapa and some other ladies… I really appreciate it especially the two that I have mentioned earlier… They took over the desk as if I am really a president with great secretary and staff… hehehe… Great job! =)

Finally, thank you so much for being a friend! =)

Most importantly, thank you for serving our KING! =)


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