BHKJOURNAL2011_0003: BHK visits Baguio…


“Finally, the Brave Heart Kid has come back to Baguio!”

The very word I uttered when I paid a visit to the city of Pines where I am an official citizen.

My heart, once again felt the excitement that I always have whenever I come to the place.

True enough, my excitement brought in meeting my expectations during my stay. I’ve got to meet our “Potchi Gummy Bears (G-L-E-O-C-K 5)” Group and like the good all times, we hang-out, have dinner dates, watched movies, talked about basketball, gadgets, cars, women, church and a lot more stuff. Most importantly, we shared lives once again in that mini re-union.

I also spent two nights at the house of the “Hausmeytz” and I was so blessed during my stay there as they let accommodated me so well plus the factor that lot of stories were shared those nights. Another thing was the act of “Kapatirang Nathz” lending me one of their keys just like the Azkals receiving the symbolic key from Mayor Mauricio Domogan. After receiving such privilege, I just said, “Wow! I’m still part of the family.”

My visiting time frame was just five days but as usual, I always extend my visit to that city. So, I remained for few more days while waiting for my allowance and do some more stuff that I miss doing already. Truly, I never regret staying for another three days.

When the extension came, I grabbed the opportunity of meeting more people – old and new ones. I was so blessed to see my former trainees becoming leaders now and continuing the task that has been passed unto them. I am also blessed to received greetings and hugs from some of them. All of these stuff I made my stay worthwhile.

As I used my final two visiting day’s extension, I was so refreshed when Darryl and I went to the mountains and breathe some fresh air. I was also blessed to see and talked to some people whom I’ve worked with my 11 year journey in the city. Lastly, I’m so happy to hear a preaching from a pastor whom I look up to from the beginning of my Victory Baguio experience.

Then, I looked up to heaven, thank God for this moment and I uttered this stateme nt,

“Finally, the Brave Heart Kid has come back… HOME!”


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