BHKJOURNAL2011_0002: Journey with the King…


Brave Heart Kid (January 9, 2011)


It’s been 12 years already

Since I’ve known You personally.

Until now You’re so faithful

Even though my deeds, mostly were painful.


From Day One You never leave me

And You also promised not to forsake me.

I might have left and forsaken You

But to Your promise, You remain true.


Grace upon grace You have given me,

Thank You for the unconditional love that’s free.

I do not deserve to have it

But You still gave that precious gift.


Now, another year is approaching,

Uncertainties are also coming

But I will not be afraid of anything

Because I have You my Lord and King.


Time to fight another battle,

Preparations must not be subtle;

To be part of Your mighty army

Is a dream come true for me.


Yes, I want to fight the enemies

And strength, I know You will release

But You just smiled and look at me.

I wonder why you do such as thee.


Then You speak in my amazed world;

“Be still and know that I am God,” says Your word.

Now I realized, I’m already victorious

Because the battle is all Yours.


I called You Lord, Savior, King and everything,

You’re also the only One who’s amazing

But what humbles me the most

Is when You call me friend though You’re the Uttermost!



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