Please help me give a title with this one… It’s almost the same as the Tagalog one but there are also some slight variation to fit into the “system.” =)


In our very first meeting,
Not much attention was given you;
But destiny gave a new beginning
That let my eyes notice you.

You have shown a lovely smile
That I’ve treasured in my mind;
Even though you’re far as a mile,
You’re precious smile, anywhere, I can find.

I asked if I could see that one more time,
I was thankful there was another chance;
It was like the sweetest lemon lime
That lets my heart have its greatest bounce.

Our friendship started to grow
And we exchanged stories with one another;
I treasured them and they glow
As I dream of the relationship to go further.

Seems like to get that I have to fight
‘Cause the storm take you in just a snap;
You were drawn away from my sight
And I can’t see you even in my nap.

I thought the storm didn’t hit that hard,
No damage even inside my heart;
But the situation went sad and sad
And I suddenly felt the pain of being apart.

Many were drawn near you when the wind blew,
Finding our moments became hard to do;
I struggled to see even just a glimpse of you,
My heart really wanted to be beside you.

I waited long for the new opportunity,
But even fate didn’t went with the flow;
Your lovely smile became hard to see
As my heart beat turned slow and slow.

I persevered just to see it again
Even if I have to be blown away;
I want to tell something in the past I cover,
This love that wants more than a peer.

I have waited so long
Just to say this unexpressed feeling;
I have love you all along
That’s what kept my heart singing.

I know there are more storms to come,
I will now prepare for another one;
Oppositions are also coming from some
But I will continue to give love that will never be gone.

I have told my feelings already,
Please listen to this new heart beat;
I will continue to dream endlessly
And in that, you are part of every bit.

If ever you’ll love me too,
I will cherish it joyfully;
And wherever path it says so,
This poet will give praise unto eternity.


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