I’m supposed to give a summary of EN2010 in this next blog but it’s too late to give one and it’s better to visit for better details. So, EN2010 having it’s own website, I will continue with my gratitude tradition and in this 17th blog of mine this year, I want to give due credits to a person who’s birthday falls on March 17

Ma. Angelica G. Magbual

I first met this woman in one December night when her ate treated us coffee at SM City Baguio’s Starbucks.

She was so quiet in that first meeting of ours and in a short bonding moments that we had while Yana and Sally were buying coffee, I was surprised to know that she already graduated college and even took the Nursing board exam. I was surprised because her pretty face looks so much younger than her age.

After some days, she became part of the our dinner routine and most importantly, we shared our lives and stories to one another.

I have found another friend who can relate with me especially in eating to a cheaper restaurant/fast food chain/carinderia than the elegant ones.

It all started with a coffee and like it, our friendship started in that seed that turns out to give a sweet aroma when we reach the point that we have to look after one another.

I went out with her and some of our friends for dinner, had SIOMAI HOUSE moments (our favorite hang-out) together, shared White Rabbit candies and a lot more. But what I really love is that we are co-heirs in Christ’s riches – not just riches actually but being siblings to our great Father.

Another spice that added to our friendship is our passion to make production. We have made productions together and she’s one of the best crew that I ever manage in my entire production career. She never tasted my “production wrath” as she exceeded the expectations asked of her.

Many things happened already in just few months of togetherness but there’s a call for both of us to go back in our provinces for a greater calling so we have to part ways. Even though we’re far from one another, I will never forget the moments that we have.



– for the friendship… for the dinner together… all your treats especially the Siomai House moments (I always remember you whenever I buy gulaman or siomai from the stall)… for the white rabbits and all other stuff…. for the fruit that you left when I was sick after our final production together… thank you for cooking pancit canton, giving milk and serving well every time I visit your house… for eating the food that I cooked… for accompanying me… for everything…

I intentionally not put everything here because I know that our book/journey whenever we’re together is not yet over…

I already miss our Chowking moments, Siomai House stuff, Ushering explosion, cleaning and organizing the drawers, taking pictures and a lot more…

The last time I was with you in Baguio was when we ate Adobong sitaw in Jairus’ house with Melay and after that, we went to the center and edited our “final production” together and the first production that we saw together…

That is why I am so glad to see you again last EN2010 but we do not have a chance to go out together… I hope and pray that we will still have another moments to spent before you leave our beloved country this year…

Once again, THANK YOU Angie!

To Brave Heart Kid’s NURSE: This is a moment of capping as I give to you the highest symbolic cap I can give to a nurse and pin you as official high member of the BHK troop! =)


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