In my 15th blog of the year, I want to give credit to best person that I know in giving her genuine smile even when she’s crying. I chose her to be in my 15th blog as her birthday falls on October 15.


Thank you for responding to the call of God in your life when you were still in high school and still holding on to it until this moment…

I might not be able to see your growth in a day-to-day basis like the others that I have met but I am thankful to God that whenever I see you, talk to you or just see your smile, I can feel the love and grace of God flowing through you…

I started knowing you as one of those reached high school students in one of our outreach and I am thankful to God that it does not stop there. I was able to see you host some big productions in Manila and even called you “Kyla.” Then, you returned to Baguio with the song “Lead me to the Cross” and still the phrase I uttered you the most was the most familiar saying I always tell you – How are you “Kyla?”

Then, one rainy afternoon of May, the fan-star like relationship became friendship. After that afternoon, we became “textmates” and spent time together with our friends… We shared a lot stories – from being a Mass Communication student to ministries to family to people to production and a lot more stuff under the sun… Thank you for giving me one of the best friendships even though we spent time for a few months only…

We almost work together in one turf as we became tutors for Koreans in different place and we have shared the blessings of God to one another and to others. We even shared testimonies upon testimonies, prayers, encouragement, laughter and tears…

Speaking of tears, I just wanted to be true to the promise that we will see you cry in September of 2008… Like what I have said in the beginning of this blog, you are a woman who can give her genuine smile even when crying…

I was so blessed to be the only Victory Baguio person to see a glimpse of you in your 2008 birthday and get to know your family…

After you left Baguio, the communication remains through YM, text messages and call… Even if I don’t see you and I know that you had a hard time facing the different world you’re in especially in your beginning, I can still feel that you have the big smile in your face like saying that you can face all those giants as you have God in your side…

After two years, you are bound to return to the place you were born and a lot of thing already happened- there were changes in the government, friends’ plans, prices of commodities and a lot more but one thing remain the same, Seneca Moraleda will always share her genuine smile! =)

I am waiting to see that genuine smile once again! =)

Sen, continue to share that genuine smile because when people see you smile, they can see a princess of God who can face the world no matter what as He pours out his grace upon you! =)

God bless you Smiling Seneca! =)


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