BHKJOURNAL2010_0014: Legally eXtreme…

“Do unto others before others do unto you.” – The statement that the Legally eXtreme is using…

I have tag team partners in the past and so is the lady that I will give my gratitude in my 14th blog of the year. This partner of mine is different from the previous ones because, she is the only woman wrestling tag team partner that I ever had…

I choose to thank her in my 14th blog of the year because her birthday falls on February 14. She is also the 4th person that I will give credits in my blogs this year as number 4 is very significant for both us. The two of us loves that number because it is the most precious number in the basketball world as it means “Captain.”

I already forgot on when I first met this woman but I know she was there with us in Agoo three years ago and she was even part of the first people who greeted me on my 26th birthday. In fact, she made a grand slam by being my first greeter in the past three years. As far as I remember, after some of us waited for and enjoyed the sunset, Cha and this woman were on the table waiting for us to go home because they have something to do in Baguio but we were stranded. As we were stranded, the three of us need to go a restroom. Cha wasn’t able to use it as she’s not familiar with it but the two of us used the comfort room one by one. What a way to start a friendship?! =)

Even the friendship already started, we really don’t have the opportunity to talk to one another that much until October 2008 came when one of my closest friends need to leave the city and even the country. Starting that time, we shared stories to one another and I started to know her better. She even told that she’ll take care of me for a reason that the two of us only know. True enough to her words, she accompanied me when my tooth needed to be removed and she even gave me an ice cream that time, then she become my personal doctor (she’s taking up Vet Med)…

We shared stories upon stories and I even put her to my dream team – the World’s Greatest Team 25. More than being teammates, we become tag team partners as we were able to know that we both love basketball and wrestling but the most important thing that we realized, we both love to eat and add more rice to our meals…

I still remember her birthday celebration in Camp John Hay when her siblings wore pink clothes and at the end of our Saturday service, most of us wore the same color of clothes. Ironically, she hates that color but that’s just how Jemma wants to surprise her.

Another thing is that she was the last one that I’ve met from the Super Strong Girls (SSG) but I have spent more of my time with her than SSG Pink (Jemma) and SSG Green (Zelle) in the past two years.

In March of 2008, I planned to meet my team one by one and in the 6th day of that month, I went out with her for lunch in Tokyo-Tokyo and we ate a lot of rice as she was the first one I’ve met out of the 25. More than the rice and the whole meal, she started sharing about her personal life that includes their family. After that, we went back to work to buy some stuff that the WGT25 gave as we end the One Month to Live campaign. We just wanted to leave a Legacy by then more than the legacy that Francis Magalona left as he breathed his last that day too.

Another 14 came to the partnership as we decided to put some of our money on our personal bank on April 14 of 2009 so that we could go to Palawan in the future. But more than the Palawan dream, we want to help the less fortunate kids in every little way we can.

Other things that we shared to one another were the 600 points combined in Magic Sings, fare, food, friends, rice, meals, walking some kilometers in La Trinidad as we look for a toga and more stuff that I might have forgotten.

There might be a lot of things that I can say about this woman but the most important one that we have is the fact that we have the same GOD that we are worshiping.

We might have a lot of similarities and differences like in politics and other stuff but at the end of the day, our friendship and partnership remain tough.

There are also issues might be given to us but we will just shake them off like our favorite wrestlers Shawn Michaels (mine) and Steve Austin (hers) did to their opponents.

I really admire my tag team partner as she is one of the only two women that I know who never backs-out on what she said. When she promises something, she will do it

I also like her attitude of being straightforward who says to me not what I want to hear but what I need to hear. We might not agree sometimes on such things but I appreciate all those even though we argue! She’s a real friend! As my Superpare Jesse once said, my tag team partner is such a person that you could trust and fun to be with as she is real.

My tag team partner is one of the people who can irritate me the most and the only woman who can do that to me… But some people say that the people whom you love the most are the people that will also irritate you the most! So, if there is someone who will hurt my partner, please let me join! Joking aside, she will just stun you with her stunner after the Sweet Chin Music I will give.

Sometimes irritating she might be but there’s a thing that I admire from her the most – the fact that she’s optimistic in every situation and the big faith that she has in her heart. The best thing that I see her do whenever she’s on a tough situation is when she cries out to God before doing anything else…

MELAY 2:14

  • Thank you for everything…
  • Thank you for being my tag team partner…
  • Thank you for being my Queen Seon Deoktor (hehehe)…
  • Thank you for sharing your life with me including all the stories and the secrets that only the two of us know…
  • Thank you for being one of the best friends I ever had in my entire stay in Baguio…

***I told you last January 4 that we will eat at Future Diner… We will… in the future! hehe***


A toast to Melanie P. Marcos!

Legally eXtreme!


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