I am taking a break from my “THANK YOU BLOGS” for the people who made an impact in my life. This break might be the first break I will take but it will not be the end. I will take more breaks from time to time to give way to some aspects that need to be talked about also. I also choose to take a break on my 13th blog of the year to give way to my 14th blog where the number 14 is significant to the one that I will give my  credits upon.

Incidentally, it’s our series break also in the Sunday preachings and I was reminded of the word PERSEVERANCE once again.

James 1:2-4 says, “2Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. 4Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” This passage was used as the main text last Sunday by Pastor Arnold who shared that if your mountains does not move even you’re in faith, God is teaching you to climb that mountain.

Speaking of perseverance, I saw a man who has that. He just fought in the New Yankee Stadium last Sunday (Philippine Time) against the newly charge Miguel Cotto. This man is called as the “Fighting Rabbi” as he is also studying to become a Jewish priest while training in boxing. He is none other than Yuri Foreman. He slipped in the match three times (two of them were bad falls that really get him out of shape) and lost the match. Even though he lost the match, my respect goes to this man more than the new champion in a new division that he might dominated in the future. Nevertheless, I salute Yuri Foreman because of his BIG HEART and great PERSEVERANCE. Truly, he deserves to be called the “Fighting Rabbi!”

After seeing Foreman fought like a warrior that he is, I remembered the other point in the preaching that Kuya Arnold shared. The statement says, “There are more people blessed seeing you persevering more than seeing you being blessed.” It also proved that God is alive when you persevere that much despite of you having troubles and mountains in life.

Now, I realized that the statement is so true. There might be mountains that can not move even though we have great faith because God wants us to climb that mountain and persevere. In that way, he can realize that the harder and higher we climb a mountain, the joyful we could feel when we reach the top of it more than just pushing the mountains behind. As, we went on top of that mountain, we could say to all the troubles in life “We are now higher than you and there’s Someone up above who’s higher than anyone else.”

As I end this blog, I want to share one of my stories. It happened in 2002 when I entered my first and only finals appearance as a coach (the youngest coach in the league who stirred his team in the Finals). After the game, the most painful experience of an athlete happened to our team… We LOSS! In sports, the 1st runner-up is always the first loser. Ironically, the name of the other team was Brave Hearts – a name that I have adopted as I become the Brave Heart Kid after suffering from heart breaking losses not just in basketball court but also in life.

I persevered and RESILIENCY became one of my favorite words and through those perseverance and resilience, I gained more respect from people than those times that I was just receiving a lot of blessings.

They have seen me receiving much blessings before but when they saw me still being thankful to God while being in the rock bottom of life… People started to say that my GOD is truly alive and is living in me.

I might earn the respect from people as I was transformed to be the Brave Heart Kid and Yuri Foreman lives to his monicker but there is the ONE who made all of these possible!

In all of these mountain-climbing – all honor, praises and glory belong to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Thank you my KING for saving me!


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