I have known this man since August 21 of 1999. I’ve met him in our training for the two-question test evangelism. He was one of my mentors during that time and I am so blessed to know a senior pastor who’s willing to let me mentor other people too even though I was still new to the team – this is one concept that I will never forget from this man – having an outreach mentality while disregarding the myth of maturity.

Pastor Julius was still single by that time but already engaged with Ate Julieta who happened to be my playmate in Balderdash, Scrabble and some other stuff that the small church played during those times. Since that time, I have met one of the most gentle person in my life.

There were times that we went out for coffee and putting two dreamers in a coffee table, there were more coffee (for him) and hot choco (for me) sips than the conversation. But those moments were precious to me as I have spent my time to one of the best leaders in town. I wont also forget our merienda at Swiss Made (now Gecko) with his first-born child Matty (whose face has been shown to me in my dreams before he was born). When that time happened, I just don’t see a gentle man in front of me but also a very loving father. Of course, all of those sips, bite and other stuff were his treat. =)

He was the one who “bury” my oldself in the waters on August 29, 1999. I mean he was the one who “lublubize” me. =) After a week, he helped us received the gifts from the Holy Spirit when we were baptized that time – September 4, 1999.

He was also our teacher in the first batch of VLI (to ENLI now T4V). He was one of our favorites because everytime he teach, he makes sure that we will finish before the time ends. =)

Pastor Julius became my cell group/small group/victory group leader at times and we (his group) learned a lot from him. After more years passed, he became my boss as I became one of his staff.

After 11 years of knowing this man, my respect for him never change. There were things in our discussions during meetings that the team don’t agreed upon but the wisdom of this man remains. He’s one of the people that I really look-up to. After 11 years, he is still one of those gentle, man of faith, mr. perserverance and disciplined man that I ever known.

Pastor Julius, I have seen the church growth from hundreds to thousands but your attitude towards reaching out the city remains. I really admire you for that. I am praying that all of the congregation will have that fire in their hearts too of reaching out to many and they will have an outreach mentality also like the one that you have since I met you. The trust you have given to a new comer like me 11 years ago, help me to become a leader, have compassion to lost people and be not afraid to take the risk in letting other people do the works of an evangelist.

Thank you for the 11 years of leading me to greater heights. Thank you for the questions you have thrown at me and for the answers you have given to my questions.

Thank you for all the training that I have undergone through your leadership. Truly, it made me better not just a leader but as a person too.

Thank you for taking the risk, trusting, supporting and molding me to who I am today.

You might be one of the most gentle man I have met but this is I know for sure that you are the MOST HUMBLE PASTOR I ever met in my entire life.

Eleven years ago, you’re still single and engaged. After 11 years, you have a lovely wife and three great kids like championship rings in your fingers. A lot has happened throughout but the vision in your heart remains in honoring God and making disciples in any way you can.


GOD BLESS you and your family.

As we continue to honor God and make disciples, we will all raise our hands in victory. Let’s keep fighting the good fight and altogether finish the raise strong.




  1. I hope and pray that you will be the person God wants you to be! We are praying for you and your family as well. God Bless You!

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