It all started in a class called the Every Nation Leadership Institute or ENLI.

I might have known the man in the past already but we never been that close until our class came out full blast!

As every classmate of ours do not want to sit at the front row during classes because they want to be with their peers or they were afraid to be called most of the times, Jesse and I took the risk to do so and most of the time, the two of us were just the only students in the front table.

During those moments, we have shared vision to one another. We also shared food, money, resources, secrets, ideas, and the most important thing that we have shared is our lives.

Many months passed by and some of our classmates need to quit class because of some reasons such as relocation and some other unexpected happenings. Some of my co-officers also need to leave including the president. So being the vice-president of the class, I was promoted to take the presidential role and to perform my duty well, I need to get some other members to help me grow the team and I chose Jesse to be one of us.

Before the end of our journey in the classroom, our friendship grew and we called each other as “Superpares.” It’s our way of honoring our favorite superheros Superman and Spiderman (Jesse-Superman, Libert-Spiderman). Making our friendship grow, we always wanted to share that with others. So, when the graduation day was about to come, we organized a dinner date for the group. We’ve got to know one another in that short moment of being with them in a dining table just enjoying the company of one another – no quizzes and recitations to do.

During graduation time, I know that I can not get the Gold Medal (my supposed to be first medal ever in my entire life) because of technical problems, so I just wish that Jesse would make it. My wish is the administrators command as Jesse came out strong to win the medal that I have dreamed of. I might not be able to get my dream first medal but seeing that medal landing in the neck of my SP made me happy.

A lot of stories happened already in our ENLI journey but that was just the beginning of our great friendship.

To my Superpare Jesse:

  • Thank you for sharing your life with me in the past three years. It’s not just friendship but real friendship.
  • Thank you for all the blessings that you have given me – whether it is financial or other stuff, I appreciate those.
  • Thank you for rallying people behind to support me.
  • Thank you for the shirts – the birthday shirt about our country, the shirt from Hong Kong and the pol0 shirt that talks about my cause.
  • Thank you for sharing your secrets with me, keeping mine and some other things or stories that only the two of us knew.
  • Thank you for accompanying me to ENLI building during my interview, for fetching me, treating me to merienda, giving me fare and even bringing me to the place where I need to go.
  • Thank you for blessing me whenever we meet – whether it is money, food, fare, clothes and other stuff.
  • Thank you for making my EN2010 future stint come true.

There are a lot of things to thank you for… I might forget some of them but I will never forget the friendship that we have shared to one another.

JESSE, thank you so much for the four years of true friendship!

We have our SP’s List… We will fulfill that during our lifetime!

Once again, thank you so much!

As I end this blog, let me tell that I am so blessed to have you as one of my best friends!

God bless you brother! =)


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