The Brave Heart Kid wants to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all the people who remembered my natal day this 2010…

There were two sets of GREETERS… The 1st set greeted me through text messaging, call and personal while the other set greeted me through the social media networks like twitter, plurk, multiply, wordpress, friendster, facebook and the likes but most likely in fb.

Here is the list of the first set of Greeters:

  1. Melanie P. Marcos (Grand Slam na to ah – from 2008-2010)
  2. Charliemaine S. Dig-aoan (madaling araw pa to)
  3. Diana Marie G. Magbual (last greeter ng madaling araw)
  4. Darryl P. Siruno (1st greeter sa aking pagising)
  5. Noel Agudo (Blow-out? I am out of town… hehe)
  6. Sherwin A. Jacinto – Kuya ko (di yan nakakalimot)
  7. Libert Philip R. Ong – Daddy (sayang di siya nakauwi)
  8. Jenalyn R. Raquepo (di kita nakitang dumating sa Cabanatuan… hehe)
  9. Michiko Agustin (thank you sa future treat… hehe)
  10. Cebuana Lhuiller (bumati ang aking number pawnshop daw)
  11. Freeda Agarrdo (salamat po sa pagbati)
  12. Sally E. Gamueda (salamat sa pagtawag at pag-print)
  13. Jonathan V. Marcuap (salamat sa lahat bro)
  14. Melissa C. Sial (thank you for the greetings and kuwentuhan)
  15. Maida A. Ong – Mommy (sana next time makauwi ka na)
  16. Florence Mongalini (thank you sa pag-alala)
  17. Charmane A-ayo (now you know… hehehe)
  18. Ate Chona – my tita (thank you for always welcoming me sa house niyo)
  19. Alyza Marie C. Ong – my whole insan (thank you so much, enjoy the shirt)
  20. Armi C. Ong – my tita (thank you for always cooking great food)
  21. May – another insan (thank you sa greetings and for serving)
  22. Kuya Jun – my tito tonday (thank you)
  23. Mykel – pinsan ulit (thank you… hope to play with you again sa court)
  24. Ate Gerald – tita ko (thank you… tagal na rin tayo di nakpag-bonding eh)
  25. Izobelle C. Ong – pinsang buo (thank you very much… keep in touch)
  26. Rosiemira D. Ong – my Mama Rose (we’ve waited for this opportunity in 11 years)
  27. Louis Philip A. Ong – my brother DJ (thank you… own the dance floor)
  28. Melanie M. Leynes (thank you for completing the official 28)
  29. Jemma Rhea A. San Pedro (thank you for everything – you know it na)
  30. Catherine L. Claro (you made it as the last official greeter of my 28th birthday)

Here is the 2nd batch who greeted me through social media networks:

Aygee, Mike Jacinto, Jomark, Sherwin Sabado, Tita Gemma dela Rama, Ghe Paras, 2pe, Fatz, Mummy Jamie, Lit’L sister TiNtiN, Irene Tambol, Cate Menorca, Raymund Jamon, Jesse – my superpare, RJD, Bethel, Rowena Sta. Maria, Will, Jairus

So, the total of the official greeters in 2010 is 49! Thank you so much! =)

I would also like to thank the people who greeted me after my birthday…

Raymond Mata, Carlos Pailas, Joyjoy, May Salaes, Alfie Barcelona, Dyan Leynes, Dwight, Pernes, Joni, Tisha, Juancho, Jelai, Aaron Felix, Angie Magbual, Guiljohn, Kat Calonia, Glet

Thank you so much!

The Brave Heart Kid also wants to say that he will do a series of blogs thanking the people who made an impact in his journey in the ladders of life.

Again, THANK YOU so much to all the people who greeted me!

God bless you all! =)


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