BHKJOURNAL2010_0007: BHK’s Official Press Release (April 8, 2010)…

April 8, 2010

The Brave Heart Kid has sent an OPEN LETTER to all of you with a title, “BHK’s Official Press Release on his 28th Birthday!”

“There are many steps to reach the top of the ladder. Take one leverage at a time!” – Brave Heart Kid

Since 1999, my life had been an open book especially to the ministry. From my fluctuating grades to my “love life,” you have seen almost all. After 11 years of joining Victory Baguio, my life is still like an open book until the last two weeks came.

I have been in the ministry for 11 years already and I have been part of almost all the ministry except for the Couples of course. I started entering the ministry in September 1999 and became an actor of the Drama N’ Mime Ministry that turned out to be the Company of Acts, now the talents in Christ. I was also part of the transition from the name Acetate Ministry to the Multimedia Ministry with Technical Support – these ministries were also part of the Music Team where I gained some administrative skills. I was also part of the KIDS CHURCH Ministry and the innovated Creative Team. I can tell more stories but we do not have the privilege time to do so but I want to share the next two who will have a joint party tomorrow in Agoo.

I was adopted by the Intercessors Ministry at their year-ender in 2009 and I was so blessed to be part of the team even for a short period of time. Thanks to my mentor who’s also a pastor, he asked me to be his personal intercessor that turned out to be my ticket in joining the team where I never thought I would be part of. Thank you so much guys!

They said it’s bad to practice favoritism but I never heard that it’s bad to have favorites like ice cream, color and some other stuff. So, I also have my favorite ministry, the Ushering Ministry where I grew a lot. I even lost some of my hair spending time with this group. We were also the innovator of the Greeters Team in 2004 that also gave birth to the Seaters Team that are still part of ministry as of today.

Anyway, that’s just the introduction of my simple press release. I am sorry this might take a longer period of time. Some of you might say, “Ano na naming kaartehan yan or kadramahan yan?” Some of you might laugh at this stuff and some of you might be pissed off with this one. But no matter what your reactions will be I will still continue and I want to tell all you that: I MIGHT NOT CARE ON WHAT YOU WILL SAY BUT I WILL ALWAYS CARE ABOUT YOU!


Let’s get it on!

Some of you were asking me last week on when I will come back to Baguio. Some of you received a not sure answer from me and some of you were pissed because I do not want to answer until this very day.

I chose this day because today, I am celebrating my 28th birthday! At the start of this year, I really want to spend my 28th birthday celebration with you guys but with the situation we are in right now as a family, I am going to stay with them and celebrate. I will also call it, “Our Last Ride as a Family!”

Some of you knew that I only went home because I have to attend the wake and burial of my lola’s youngest sister (lola ko na rin siyempre). I am supposed to stay for two days only but they asked me to stay for a while so we could have some talks. I granted their request and I stayed.

The time I am about to leave, my brother and father asked me to stay a few more days, so I granted the request.

The moment my things were already fix and I’m ready to go, I received a text message from my tita that our other lola (another younger sister of my lola) was confined in the hospital but thank God she’s ok now. Then, another text from another tita said that my mom was also in the hospital and needs biopsy to check what really her ailment is.

I stayed with my brother as my dad needs to leave that day also. Together, we used our last money to pay for our bills and bought some of our food.

I stayed here not because we only lack the money to provide for my fare and some other stuff but I stayed for a greater cause.

I prayed, I assessed myself and I seek God on what I really NEED to do.

After more than a week, I found myself thinking about the call of my family to stay with them. They have been asking this for quite a while and I never granted their request in the past years.

Now, we have our 82-year old grandmother with us after 11 years of not seeing her and she will just stay here for two months only. We do not know when she will return home after this one but the next time it might happen, she might – I don’t want to say it.

Some of our full-blooded relatives are about to leave the country too, so only my brother and I will be left here to help one another in all endeavors.

I have more stories about our FAMILY but I can not share them all as respect to the privacy of our family.

Many things already happened in my short stay here in our hometown including our heart-to-heart talk as a family. Actually, it was not the last because in the coming days/weeks/months, we will have series of more talks for the sake our FAMILY.

I just remembered one of my leaders told me once, “If you need to stay longer with your family to settle some issues, do so. Don’t worry much about the ministry; it will always be there when you come back.” I did not take that advice much and the next thing that happened, I had a better life but our relationship as a family worsens.

I do not want to have that mistake again and just watch our FAMILY to go astray.

I asked myself one time the question of one of my favorite tag teams in the WWE, “Are you ready?” All I thought my answer will be YES all the way until these things happened in our FAMILY. In the end, my answer, “Not this time.” I can not LEAVE them behind in these tough moments of our lives.

The next question is how about your church planting call?

I told Ptr. Homer one time that whether it is full-time, part-time or support role, I am still IN! I am still IN but this time, I have to respond to call in our FAMILY.

I do not know if you will agree to this decision or not but that’s FINAL ANSWER. We will have our LAST RIDE as a FAMILY and I won’t miss this opportunity again. I have this once in my life but I failed to respond. This time, I will respond right to the situation. I can say to my family, “I am IN!”

Please continue to pray for Agoo, Pastor Homer and his team. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

THANK YOU for the understanding! THANK YOU for all the support, prayers, encouragements, guidance, concern and for EVERYTHING.

I am really SORRY but when it comes to FAMILY over CAREER/MINISTRY, I will choose FAMILY

I know people might be asking a lot and some will not understand. My REPUTAION is now at stake with this one but right now, I don’t care about the reputation, I still care about the people that’s why I choose to stay with our FAMILY especially with my brother who’s the one suffering a lot from the consequences of our wrong decisions. My FAMILY – they are people, so I care about them so much.

I also find out after all the prayers, assessments and seeking that I am more effective as a minister when I am outside the ministry circle, I am at my best shape helping people to grow when I am working outside the full-time ministry. So, I am also re-thinking and praying hard about it.

Again, THANK YOU so much for everything especially for understanding and always praying for me.

Today, I celebrate my 28 years of existence and I have some prayer requests during this day.

1)      Please pray for our FAMILY as we UNITE in our LAST RIDE.

2)      Please pray that we can settle all our accounts already.

3)      Please pray that I can edit, revise and publish my first ever book this year. The title of the book is 13 Months of Blessings.

4)      Please pray that I can finish my two other books this year. The first one is a novel with the title, “BHK: Ladders of Life!” The other one is Journey.

As of now, those are the only requests I have in my 28th birthday wish list.

To the people who are asking me about my small group and follow-ups, here is my answer: They can do it without me as long as they have GOD in their lives. I also asked reliable men to take good care of them while I am away from them. By the way I don’t call them Small Group members or follow-ups (I just called them that for formalities sake), I called them FRIENDS!

By the way as the writing was already mentioned, I would just like to say that I can express better when it comes to writing, texting or perhaps sending and receiving e-mails rather than speaking or answering a phone call (that’s why I did not become the best call center agent – they actually put me in research, SEO, data entry account where more of the writing skill is required) that’s why I am encoding a letter to all you rather that get the phone and say it or perhaps go there and gave a speech.

I am a person who expresses what I feel through writing and I will continue to do so until the very end. I tried to be a person different from this one but the more I tried, the more I failed – it is really hard not to be yourself. This is me right now – a WRITER.

Once again, THANK YOU so much for the 11 years of togetherness and I hope you would still welcome me to the group when my turn to return will come.





This is how we have started this letter and this is also how we are going to end…

This is the Brave Heart Kid, Libert Ong saying see you later and closing this letter with a quote I received last week…

The cross of Jesus is the only ladder high enough to touch heaven’s threshold!”


Proverbs 19:21 (New International Version)

21 Many are the plans in a man’s heart,
but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.


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