Almost three years ago, I wrote this blog that I will retire as an actor and I will just return on stage once again it is for the youth…
A year after I wrote this blog, I went back acting on stage (MAX LIFE) and it was my first ever acting job with my superpare, Jesse… It was also the first time that a media outfit covered that event (thanks to PJ)… It was also my first time to shaved my head (by myself using a razor – thanks to Stone Cold)…
I know it might be the last shot that I have as I am not getting any younger… As good as my thoughts, it was the last time I act on stage… There were projects given to me but I was designated as the scriptwriter or producer or director and some other production positions except the acting job…
I was given opportunities to showed up on videos but not the stint that I am used to because I am more comfortable acting on a theater basis…
Last February, some productions were assigned to me once again… I was a little rusty at some point because I haven’t been in a production for months already, as I have said, I am already retired…
But last Saturday, I have the opportunity to act on stage and for the youth again! So after waiting for almost two years, I felt the “actor’s rat in the heart” once again as if it’s my first time to act on stage once again…
I can almost say what Shawn said when he returned on Raw last year, “God, help me, I am loving this.” I really love the role of being a theater/production man!
They have entrusted that task once again to me and my team…
I realized that it’s still my passion and strength, so I can’t just give up that thing “ng ganun-ganun na lang” especially that I am stirred once again. It’s like the youthful energy that I have before has been ignited once again!

As days go by, the production blood came running fast on me… I am still having rustiness but as our team started to clean the cobwebs, I can smell better results of production coming!

Now, I can truly say, I CAN’T RETIRE from maximizing the GIFTS and TALENTS that GOD gave me!

I am announcing to the public… I AM COMING BACK to PRODUCE more PRODUCTIONS for GOD’s GLORY! We will REDEEM the ARTS once again!

Final statement:
Finally, the Brave Heart Kid has come back to where he belongs – Media Production!


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