Few weeks ago, i have been thinking so hard because of the situations I have in my life. It seems like the end of another dream for me… It seems like my 2010 goals, visions and plans will be ruined because of some certain situations I have in my life…
I have sleepless nights and sometimes during my dreams, I still see the challenges of life… My supposed to be good dreams became nightmares…
Until, I can no longer face take it… I went to a mountain one early morning and surrendered everything once again to GOD. It seems like it was my first time to encounter HIM again… This time, not in a classroom setting anymore but on a quiet mountain…
It was also my first time to say that I have regrets in my life (before I said, I never regret anything because I have learned from those experience but this time, it’s different)… I swallowed my pride and let the Lord reign over me…
I went down from the mountaintop going back to town with a big smile in my face, ready to face any challenge once again and the next days became a history…
The moment I stop worrying, that’s the moment GOD poured out HIS blessings! =)

Matthew 6:33

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