In the past weeks, we went from one barangay to another as we seek for help in our future campaign that will support our presidential candidate. We asked them if they could refer to us some people who are willing to help our advocate.

It was quite good to hear that they support our cause and our presidential candidate but it was so disappointing to hear that their main leaders were the first one to discouraged us that we might not find the kind of volunteers we’re looking for because we can not offer them any monetary incentives when they will do the tasks. They don’t even like the offer of free food or lunch that will even come from the personal pocket of some of our leaders. In short, they need cash before they will give a little of their time.

Why call them VOLUNTEERS then if we will just pay them. As far as I remember, a volunteer is someone doing a certain cause because he/she pours out his/her life into it even though he will not benefit from it. I also know that when you are a volunteer, you enjoy what you do because you love to do it not because someone’s pocket is telling you to do so.

I am currently working with more than 50 volunteers in one of my teams. Whenever we have a meeting, we’re always looking for food to eat to enjoy the meeting better and we bought our food most of the time from our pockets. We’re not paid and we do not even have allowance in doing our tasks but we still manage to give our best smiles whenever we’re doing responsibilities together!

I am hoping and praying that the spirit of real volunteerism will once again reign in the hearts of everyone specially with the Filipinos.  Our ancestors made it before! I hope that they have inspired us enough to do the same or even surpass their achievements!

Truly, nothing beats the heart of a volunteer!


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